Wednesday, July 05, 2006

John Couey Number Twoey on Drugs

Child rapists ARE everywhere! The Sandbox is no exception – it has its share of sick, twisted and perverted child monsters.

John Couey’s case has been in recent headlines as his confession was made without the benefit of counsel – a “right” he asserted “no less than eight times in 46 seconds,” per This previously convicted sex offender admitted to detectives that he had kidnapped, raped and by means of burying her alive “killed” nine-year old, Jessica Lunsford. Couey – through the poor sap with a legal degree that drew the short straw – his Court appointed attorney – ultimately paid for with “our” tax dollars – will most certainly put the blame of whatever lame and sorry excuse of an explanation that he can muster for committing this crime to his drug addiction [crack cocaine].

Today, here in The Sandbox, Arab News reports that a “drunkard” father was caught in the act of raping his ten-year old daughter and arrested! The child’s uncle, her father’s brother, was included in the action – a ménage a trios – but “escaped when they [the police] raided the home.”

The little girl’s mother called the police on Saturday saying:

“that her husband and brother-in-law were attacking her daughter in a locked room in the apartment. [And] that the girl had been repeatedly raped for the past three days and had been subjected to severe beating and biting.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold up, there, just a minute Mommy!!!


Similarly, in Couey’s case THREE OTHER PEOPLE may have known that Jessica was actually in the same run down piece of shit trailer that passed for a house – and not only did NO ONE call the police while Couey was doing the nasty with a nine-year old – but these THREE OTHER PEOPLE told the police they hadn’t seen or heard anything and didn’t know where Couey was [this all took place approximately 150 feet from Jessica’s house].

Am I the ONLY one who sees something wrong with this picture? I know there are other mother’s out there – who, like me – wouldn’t give a second thought to leaping in front of an oncoming freight train – or jumping in front of a loaded gun as the trigger was being pulled – or whatever – to protect their child! [Yes, I had a son, not a daughter, but the sentiment remains the same. There are plenty of sicko’s out there that rape little boys... Yeah… Today, they’re called school teachers…]

Thankfully [maybe?], in the case, here, at least the little girl hasn’t been buried alive – she’s not dead. She may wish she was at some point later on down the road, but for now, she’s in a hospital and it is reported to be “critically ill.” Yeah, I’d say…

We may never learn what punishment, if any, gets meted out to this “drunkard” Dad and his baby balling brother. Right now, we’re not even privy to their names – which if suppressed to protect the identity of the child is understandable, commendable even. More likely however, the reason these incestuous perpetrators have not been identified by name has to do with the fact that they are “locals.” Regardless, the fact that they may be alcoholics or addicts probably won’t be quite as swaying in their defense in The Sandbox as it would in the States. It is, however, interesting to note that Sociologist Adel Munawwar tells us this:
“Drugs and intoxicants are the root causes of several types of brutal crimes. Drunkards and drug addicts never seem to be aware of the depth and gravity of the crimes they commit.”
Um-hmm. That may be very true. But that shouldn’t negate PERSONAL responsibility. Ever!

And, what of the mother who didn’t report that her child was being raped? She needs to have her head examined and then she needs to be called to the mat. Same with the three other people that purportedly knew Couey had Jessica. What is it? I just don’t get it. How could ANYONE know that a child was being harmed in this way, shape or form and NOT do anything???

It. Is. Just. Sick. All of it. The men [and women, too] who commit the crimes; and those that enable them to do so.

There is only hope that the criminal justice system here [yeah, whatever they want to call it] has a hierarchy like the States: Baby raping is considered the lowest of the low; they prosecute their own on the “inside” if you get there – say – if you’re NOT TO SHORT FOR PRISON! And, if when you saw or heard this story when it was “news” you didn’t just shake your head…There shouldn’t be second chances for ANYONE that rapes a child. The gavel comes down, a guilty verdict is returned, and off you go. Straight to whatever jail or prison will take you. And there you remain. You do not pass Go, you do not collect $200.00 and you cannot use a “get out of jail free” card. You do not get put in special “lock-up” where you are not included in the general population. And, while you’re there, until you can pay for your own castration no cable T.V., no canteen privileges, nothing! [Damn, I just wish I was in charge…]


  1. Jeez, things like this make my blood boil! The father & uncle were probably giving the daughter a 'test drive' to make sure she was fit to be sold off to an already selected geriatric husband. The poor girl - she's going to be traumatised for the rest of her life bless her. Hanging the sick f**kers is way too good a punishment & I hope the friggin wife is severely punished for letting it happen in the first place. Blaming alcohol or drugs on their behaviour is no excuse whatsoever. All it did was probably fuel the idea of doing it in the first place.

  2. northern shewolf7/05/2006 05:55:00 PM

    If rape was a crime committed by women against men, there would be the death penalty the world over for it, even for 1st time offenders!!! The sad fact is that since men are by far the majority offenders here and in control of societal levers, the burden of proof required and punishments levelled against rapists, wherever you find them, are ridiculously light.
    Since men never suffer from sexual
    harassment, they have virtually no understanding and very limited empathy towards victims of sexual misconduct. Besides they can never escape the notion that, 'but for the grace of God'...So, they serve their sex well.
    You too often hear of repeat offenders caught yet again for the very similar crimes for this to be unusual occurences. Rather it points at the lackadaisical attitude justice systems the world over have elected to adopt in regards to rapists: way too short sentences, no real effective monitoring (through wearing electronic GPS braces, and I would have them wear those for life!), and above all the notion that these monsters can be reformed. Which every study has so far shown to be the case, leaving the only reliable solution: castration. I for one am an enthusiastic supporter of this for all repeat offenders: two strikes and snip, snip, snip!

  3. shewolf-- But rape is about POWER. Why castrate them? Power has nothing to do with sex....

    And men are often sexully harassed, by men or by women without bounderies. Not much as a big guy you can do to a petite girl who has just grabbed a handful of your privates and made a general out of them...

  4. it makes me sick that the mother knew this was happening but did nothing about it for 3 days. her child should be taken away from her and she should also go to prison. the father and uncle should be castrated and sent to prison for life. it's sickening... but it's happening a LOT more than ppl are talking about... it's one of those taboo subjects!

  5. Are honor killings common in Saudi Arabia? If so, this little girl is dead meat for tempting her father and uncle into raping her.

  6. Disgusting!
    Poor little girl.


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