Sunday, August 27, 2006

Today’s Agenda

Not exciting, really. But I do have a list of things to do. It’s a “healthy” list!

1) Post on 2,996 project.

2) Put other posts that have been written – but are not up – on Stilettos.

3) Go to library – find book on “Blogging for Dummies.” Need to learn how to post side-bars, favorites, etc.

4) Find out where shipment is – it was supposed to be here between 7A and 10A this morning. It is past 11, now…

5) Unpack and get laundry started.

6) Go to post office to make sure there is no mail.

7) Go to Commissary; the Kids are out of “breakfast” dog food and there is no more coffee!

8) Make appointment for manicure and pedicure.

9) Cancel trip to London.

10) Start diet.

I can knock off number 1 on the list.

[For your information, I tried and tried and tried… to get photos to publish on the “Boxers or Briefs” article. They would not take. No matter how small I made them – they would not “upload.” All the more reason to get that “Blogging for Dummies book at the library, today!]


  1. Sabra, there's much help offered on the site:
    I'm as thick as 2 short planks & it really helped me!

  2. Jin - Will DEFINITELY check the site out. Not the first, second or third time I've had to fight with Blogger to take a photo or two! I've "downsized" them to jpg or whatever that ending thingy is... It takes it all the way - then stops! And it's not "short" process, either!!! I get soooooo frustrated with anything "mechanical." We had a VCR for umteen years - never, ever could program it - and just to record was a major "battle." Hmmph. DH is in London this week. I've asked him to go to Border's there and get two books for me on blogging. That, too, should help. Um-hmm. Can always use them as door stops or fire starters, I guess, if they don't work. Again, thanks for the tip and direction. Much appreciated.


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