Monday, December 07, 2009

Perfect Couch Day

Oh my goodness. We haven't had such a perfect couch day in the entire seven years we've lived here. It WAS perfect. Absolutely perfect. It rained all day yesterday. All day.

Did I say it rained all day yesterday? Wow. Pretty amazing.

The streets here are flooded. There are no gutters. No one - in charge of infrastructure - ever even considered that it might rain for a solid twenty-four hours. If you leave your house today you are taking your life in your hands. Truly. Not a chance we will go anywhere. Thank goodness DH doesn't have to work. [On the other hand, he probably won't play golf, either, so he'll be home ALL day... Hmmm...]

Saturday DH and I went downtown. The "Safety Equipment" store was exactly where Mr. Nice Saudi Man said it would be. We bought a fire extinguisher. Who would have ever guessed that there is a store that sells ONLY fire extinguishers. Interesting. Why do they only come in red? It really doesn't match my kitchen, at all. We are not going to mount it on the cupboard next to the stove which is where I thought would be the perfect place. We are going to mount it in the broom closet so it will be out of sight - but, still, close at hand. Since I do not cook if DH isn't home, I do not have to worry about starting a fire on the stove or in the oven if he is not here. [Not actually true. I use the tea kettle. However, now I am setting the timer for eight minutes when I turn the stove on to boil water. Just so I don't forget...]

There was no jaunt through the neighborhood yesterday. It rained. All day. Except for thirty-five minutes when the new freezer was delivered. How is that for timing? The delivery time was scheduled for noon. At ten past eleven we got a telephone call saying that the truck was at the gate. DH went to Security to sign "eXtra" in. The freezer was delivered in a box. Of course. Do you remember when you were a child and you got a "house" sized box? What fun! I dragged the box out to the street and the three men who were working on getting the freezer ready to put in the garage all panicked. "You must save the box, Madam. If you return the freezer, you must have the box." Oops. Sorry. The box is outside and now a pile of soaking wet cardboard. Oh - and by the way - if I need to return the freezer within the next week? Someone is going to have a much bigger problem than my not having a box.


I went to click on this article and said to myself, "The maid did it." I was right. Another maid has been accused of killing a child. Good grief. Does ANYONE here understand that a maid is NOT a babysitter or a nanny? You get a maid to clean. You get a babysitter or nanny to watch your kids. They are not synonymous. Oh. And just for the record? I do not believe the maid killed the baby by smothering it with a pillow because it wouldn't stop crying. Nope. Don't believe it. SIDS, maybe. Or something else. But the maid did it? Ut-uh. [Funny how the two newspapers report this. Different story, here.]

Read this. Another maid accused of robbery. It is always the maid. Blame the maid for anything and everything. Here is an idea: Do not get a maid. The poor women - the maids. They come here hoping to make a living to support their families in whatever third-world-country they are from and get accused of everything from robbery to murder.

Runny eggs? Soggy corn flakes? In the States, George W. Bush gets the blame. Here? It is the maid's fault.

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  1. Damn that maid, anyhow. 09 F. and dropping, snow light but steady since last night, walking to my second shift in a few hours (only fools and Californians drive). Perfect day to stay on the couch and do nothing, so the cats are in fact doing just that. Hurry home and feed us some more, they seem to say. If i hain't et by a yeti ah'll come back and whup up on the maid for not releasing enough CO2 this year. Brr-r--r-r.


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