Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stilettos in the States...

Stilettos in the Sand will soon be Stilettos in the States. It is all over. Done. My sentence, here, is up. I have served my time. Almost a full seven years. I know many others have done it for much longer. I cannot. The Kids and I get on a plane in two weeks and we are headed home!

No more limbo. Everything is now resolved.


  1. Awesome! If you're stopping in New York on your way home, drop a note: I know of many places where an insane amount of drinking might be done!

  2. YAY!!
    I don't know how you managed seven years. I think seven days would have done me in.

  3. No More Censors.
    You will keep us updated on the baby progress?
    I will miss your take on the happenings here. I'm in it for the long haul. 3 more years. But I grew up as a military brat. Believe it or not, I HAVE been in worse places.

  4. Matthew - You and I will catch up at another place in another time. I luv you 'bro.

    Leeann - Seven days, seven weeks, seven months. Same same.

    Linda - OF course I will keep up. Oh, and by the way, you and I are friends. No WAY would I NOT keep up!!! Worse places? Debatable.

  5. This is wonderful news, especially with the new grandson coming soon. Was this consideration in your decision to more back to the States or simply a job move for DH?

    I know you are so happy. Oh my packing everything up in only two weeks. How will you ever do it? Oh, wait. I'm sure they have a moving company that will come and pack everything up for you.

    So where will your new State-side home be?

    Right Truth

  6. All of those questions to be answered in another post, Debbie!

    No, I don't have to pack. There will be a moving company to do that. I do, however, have to make an inventory of every single item that will be shipped home to the States. I am going to be busy. Very, very busy...

  7. i have never posted before but i would like to thank you for your blog .. i have appreciated it greatly .. i wish you the very best ....

  8. Thank you very much for the kind words and well wishes, Anonymous!

  9. I have been reading your blog for over a year, checking in almost daily, and have found it fascinating. Are you writing a book when you get home?
    I live in PA and really knew nothing about life in SA - your posts have opened my eyes and I thank you.
    Good luck with your move

  10. Maura, I would luv to think I could write a book, using some of my prior posts, that people would actually read. Who knows? It could happen. Thank you so much for reading and visiting!

  11. Sounds great

    James Old GUY

  12. Writing a blog from "much less insane, actually very nice" Oman, I came across your blog about a year ago and follow it regularly since then (disputes with Omani bloggers included :-)

    I will miss you, I have no shame in admitting that a few times I "stole" your newspapers articles to put together my "In the meantime in the Crazy Kingdom..." posts.

    All the best!


    Making turns for home port is a fantastic feeling. I hope you and your family have a safe journey home.
    After re-reading your blog intro "Once upon a time," I wonder what the next installment will be. Write that book!

    If you're ever in Louisville there's a bottle of Wild Turkey with your name on it.

  14. Holy S--- then!!
    I am happy for you. A real soaking bath is in order, accompanied by all the indulgence a plate of bacon brings.

  15. I've been following your blog for over a year, and I think your experiences would make a fantastic book. And just curious, if it were made into a movie, who would you want to play you and your DH? Anyway, hope you have a good, safe trip, and welcome back! And speaking as a grandmother myself of two cute, lively grandsons, thank G-d, ENJOY!

  16. Although I will miss your posts from the Sandbox, I'm looking forward to your posts from the States! Welcome home, to the good ole US of A!!


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