Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Anna Nicole Smith Stern

This whole situation is just kinda odd. I am truly sorry that Anna Nicole has lost her son. Having a son, myself, I am sure it must just be devastating.

I was just looking at the headlines on MSN and there, again, on top, is Anna Nicole Smith – this time about the paternity of her new baby girl… I didn’t read it. Don’t care to. Have seen and heard more than enough already on the news.

Anna Nicole just recently married her long-time attorney / companion, Howard Stern – somewhere in the Bahamas or Jamaica – again, heard it on the news. Howard Stern says the baby is his. Now someone else has come forward to say that is false, that he is the father of the baby. Either way. The quickie wedding is what I’m questioning…

It has just occurred to me that the reason Anna and Howard Stern got married is so that they cannot testify against one another if, in the future, criminal charges are filed against one or the other or both, as a result of the still not all clear reason for the death of her son. Am I the only one that has given this any thought?

Ooohh. Shudder. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.


  1. Shudders indeed... But as Daniel was a heroin addict, the fact that he died pickled in an assortment of drugs, would point to suicide, whether voluntary or accidental, is a sad question I care not to have answered.
    Anna Nicole must have had him when she was very young, like 14!?!? At any rate, she can certainly be said to be a symbolic figure, insofar as the degenerate 'Enquirer' or 'People' magazine crowd is concerned: uber-trash!

  2. wuhooo! nice post here.. :)

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  3. Anna Nicole Smith died today. I am concerned about the care of her daughter.



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