Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stolen Sheep

Ahh, yes. There IS a joke in here, somehow! Feeling sorry for the poor sheep... And, as per the norm, when the nationality of the culpert[s] goes unmentioned you can bet your last halala that it was a Saudi!

Blame game. So typical. Take no responsibility whatsoever for your actions. Blame someone else. A man - a Saudi, no doubt, since his nationality is not identified - cons a woman into being seduced. For Eight Years! Or three. And it is the man's fault. The woman claims, "she fell into the man's trap and did not have her full presence of mind." He was, supposedly, blackmailing her and using "some sort of magic." Sure. Of course he was. The money quote, "Sometimes, he would say that he would make me go bald if I refused to have sex with him." Oh. My. Gosh! Make you go bald?!? Phleeze. Calling B.S. on the story. There are just too many discrepancies. Lady, you had an affair. You got caught. Now, you are now just trying to cover your black bag covered butt. Since the man has been punished doesn't the woman deserve equal punishment? Yes. She does.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

They just can't be "normal."

It is a mentality that muslims have. Although, in my humble opinion, it is more like an inherrent defect - one that is innately inbred [with all that cousin marrying cousin shite going on in their culture why the heck could / should / would we expect anything less?!!]. Oh, yeah, sure. Someone go ahead and accuse me of lumping all muslims together and not giving the good muslims a pat on the back. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that not all muslims are terrorists and that argument just doesn't fly with me [lest we forget that almost all terrorists are muslims!]. They can't even be "normal" at Disney World and have to act like the barbaric scourge they really are. Eliminate muslims along with anything and everything islam and the United States of America would be a much stronger, safer, kinder and better place.

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Baby Coen. Absolutely LOVING having BC spend time with me. It is simply amazing how much he looks like DS when he was a baby... DIL has gone back to work, part-time, and BC comes and spends Thursday night and Saturday night with his Bebe and Bumpa. I can just hold him for hours. Even when he is sleeping. Cannot get enough of him. Love Him To Death! Pictures soon.

Still getting the house set up and unpacked. Not everything made it. Big surprise. However, in all that did make it only one item was broken and that can be fixed - the glass to the frame of my camel tapestry that we got in Sharm el Sheikh. That the shelves to my buffet didn't make it is kind of a problem. The buffet is pretty much useless without them. All of my china sits on the dining room table at this point, until the shelves can be replaced [new ones made - I'll never be able to replace the shelves!].

As far as the house... It will suffice for a year. It is only a rental. Designed by a man. So much useless space - no woman would ever design something like this. I can only reach to the second shelf in all of my kitchen cupboards. The third and top shelves? Even DH at 6'4" can barely reach to third shelf. Looks like the stool will become a permanent fixture in our kitchen. The loft? It is huge and has no purpose, really. Supposedly this was the model home for this development some years ago. A professional decorator came in and did the colors and the draperies. Someone got ripped off. Fugly as sin. [Pictures of the house to come, later.] Wallpaper in the kitchen behind both the sink and cook top. Who puts wallpaper in a kitchen?!? It cannot be wiped clean. There are no back-splashes. In ten months or so, when we figure out what we are doing and where we are going - toward the end of our lease - I can look for a house that is much more suitable.

We miss Sterling very, very much. Saffrynn has always been a Mommy's girl and clingy. She is really, really clingy now. Oh, and she is also a FABULOUS little Mommy's helper when BC is here. If BC is napping and so much as moves an arm, Saffy is right there next to me to tell me that the Baby is stirring. Honestly, I had no idea she was going to take to BC like she has - I was expecting quite the opposite.

Do I miss the Sandbox? He11 NO! I have had the opportunity to read Arab News in the last couple of days, now that we finally have our computer set up - and internet - kind of. [A long story, but Comporium - the phone/cable/internet company - is still waiting for a letter from the management company of the house so that they can install outlets. Right now, we have cables running through and around the house that DH has jury rigged to allow us to at least get on the computer downstairs. More on the management company, later, too. Stay far, far away from TR Lawing if you are planning to rent in the Charlotte / Rock Hill / Tega Cay areas of N.C. and S.C. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more unprofessional group that manages rental homes.]

Back to the Sandbox. Did anyone catch that Saudi women have launched a campaign for women only hospitals? Ridiculous. The insanity there just does not stop. Of course, if the men would just stop being such - oh, I dunno - perverts? - then there would be no need for the segregation of men and women to the degree that there is, now. Speaking of the men... There are some 900 children in Egypt who are fatherless because Saudi men go there to phukk and then refuse to take responsibilty for their actions. Shocker! Hard to even fathom any sympathy for the fact that some 500,000 Saudis are unemployed. Saudis don't work. Well, okay, a few do, but the majority? Ummph umm. Work is beneath them. I have said in the past that if all the expatriate workers left the Sandbox then it would come to a dead halt and they'd be back to living in tents and driving camels.

Yeah. It is totally totally wrong of me to do a post on the beauty of BC and then include insanity from the Sandbox. But, I want to get back to blogging... May as well just right jump in!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The movers left yesterday after spending two days at our new home. Things are in complete and total chaos. We have internet at our community clubhouse, but will not have internet or cable until later this week. Looking forward to blogging again, soon! As well looking forward to keeping up with all of the blogs I used to read.

Funny that Saffrynn will be the biggest dog in our new community. That will be odd for a while, I think, after spending seven and a half years with Sterling who has always been the biggest dog on the block... More about that to come. [Suffice it to say, for the time being, that we are in an "older" neighborhood.]

I will be babysitting for Coen today for the first time. You cannot imagine how excited I am about that!!!

Saturday, October 02, 2010


...is gone. He left us last night. His back legs gave out and he could no longer get up. I knew it was time. Our lives will be so different without Sterling. He has crossed the bridge and gone on to meet friends he never knew. You were a fabulous companion Sterling. You made it through the entire seven years we spent in the Sandbox and you will never know how much I needed you then and you were there for me. You will be missed in so many ways, but so many great memories of you will live on with us forever! Rest in peace Big Boy.
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