Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blogging help...

Can someone share with me the code to put something "below the fold?"

Is this something "Blogger" can even do?

Any assistance will be much appreciated.


  1. while creating a post, there's an icon on the toolbar that looks like a broken piece of paper. click that. it'll insert a break. continue typing after that break and everything after it will be hidden until the reader clicks Read More.

    hope this helps!

  2. Hi Stilettos. Love your blog title. Saw your post question over at Ruby Slippers. What's with me, following a shoe fetish? lol
    In answer to your question, I think you may be looking for the button on the "Compose" tab to the right of the "insert video" button that says "insert jump break" if you mouse over it.
    Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks, falnfenix and mnrobot!!! I'll give it a try and hope it works...

  4. Here ya go!

    "Creating jump breaks in your blog posts can be easily done right from the post editor, without the need for any HTML changes. First, decide where in the post you want to create the jump break, and place your cursor in that position:

    Once your mouse cursor is placed at the jump point, simply click the Insert Jump Break toolbar icon:

    see image from


  5. it's been a while popped by to say hello.....



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