Sunday, October 17, 2010

They just can't be "normal."

It is a mentality that muslims have. Although, in my humble opinion, it is more like an inherrent defect - one that is innately inbred [with all that cousin marrying cousin shite going on in their culture why the heck could / should / would we expect anything less?!!]. Oh, yeah, sure. Someone go ahead and accuse me of lumping all muslims together and not giving the good muslims a pat on the back. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that not all muslims are terrorists and that argument just doesn't fly with me [lest we forget that almost all terrorists are muslims!]. They can't even be "normal" at Disney World and have to act like the barbaric scourge they really are. Eliminate muslims along with anything and everything islam and the United States of America would be a much stronger, safer, kinder and better place.


  1. And they wonder why we don't like them. Jerks and fools.

  2. It's all due to a system of behavior control disguised as a religion that has produced an inferior culture which revolves around penis envy and fear of the vagina.

    It has been spiced by successive generations of inbreeding, that has produced little more than legions of soft-headed, anti-intellectual, bed-wetting, nose-picking, kunckle-dragging, mouth-breathing morons who are convinced that the way to gain "the respect they are due" is to artificially level the playing field by destroying other cultures, either by violence or through more insidious means, such as immigration.

    And that's only AFTER they have spent literally centuries trying to answer the ten important existential questions that consume every Desert Nomad's tiny mind:

    1. Is it ethical to sell livestock to another person after I've had sex with it?

    2. Why won't the blond chicks throw me one?

    3. What is soap, and what is it good for?

    4. What is a toilet, and by what Black Magic does it work?

    5. The Thermos: it keeps things hot, it keeps things does it know?

    6. Why the %#$& do I live in a barren desert?

    7. If Abdullah has had three hamsters in his rectum, and Rahim has eleven more stuck in his, how filthy must the Imam's hand and forearm be?

    8. Is it really being gay if it's your brother -- and there was a sheep involved?

    9. Why is it that we can't get a black, oozy substance that naturally percolates UP out of the ground without foreign money, engineering expertise, machinery and brainpower?

    10. Does everyone else enjoy the smell of my own filth as much as I do?

    ...and of course, Poor Potty Training.

    Kick 'em out, keep 'em out, and then ignore them; they'll only turn upon each other -- which is the only thing they're really good at -- and save us the trouble of having to kill them all.

  3. Wow, I read thsi blog after almost an year. I used to love reading the insights you had when you had just moved to Saudi. I was shocked to read this post. I sit really you who has turned into this?

  4. Wow, I thought this post was going to have a punchline, but you REALLY think this?

    "almost all terrorists are muslims!"
    You must be kidding, right?

    I don't think its even worth the effort to explain how wrong you are, but I do pray that you will let go of this hateful intolerance and find happiness.

  5. That's a very immature generalization and reaction to something. Why is it always the Muslims who get picked on? Oh no - Muslims don't need any defending, not at all. But the shallow non-Muslims who categorize all Muslims as barbaric, stupid, etc., etc. are the ones who need to educate their irrational minds and souls a bit more.

    And then folks like you wonder why Muslims don't think all highly of all non-Muslims and all westerners and all Americans. Well, now you know. The hatred, the bigotry, the bitterness, the suspicion -- it's all both ways. And you give me one more reason to believe why it SHOULD remain both ways.

  6. Wow.. thanks for being a pretentious bitch to 1.2 billion Muslims on earth. Yes, there are terrorist scum that claim to be Muslim, but so do many other terrorists that claim to be adherent to other faiths including Christianity.

    Let me guess, you're a fan/follower of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

  7. Hmmm..well, there is that old saying that familiarity breeds contempt. SITS certainly has the familiarity.

    I don't agree that all Muslims should be kicked out of America, BTW. But there are some uncomfortable truths involved here.

    Islam is a political and legal system buried in a religion, and it is one that is essentially inimical to western-style freedom.The Qu'ran and Hadiths are literally rife with verses telling Muslims that it is their duty now, today, to carry out the mission Mohammed gave to them before he died in 632 CE, which was to fight the unbelievers until they died, became Muslims or 'paid the Jirzya (monetary tribute) to Muslims and feel themselves subdued.'

    And yes, almost all the people we refer to as 'terrorists' are indeed Muslims, because that is an age old tactic used in Islamic warfare, since the days of Alumet and the Assassins.

    Unfortunately, the majority of Muslims in places like America except for a courageous few have either kept silent or devolved to the ten-year-old's argument of 'see, others have done it too!. True to a small degree if you're talking about the 1400's but not true today and not sanctioned by Western Scriptures as it is in Islam.And certainly not on the level carried out by Islam.The jihad against India alone by Islam is said to have caused the deaths of 10 million people and the slavery of thousands more.The Hindu Kush, the main highway where Hindu slaves were transported to Central Asia aptly translates as the Doom of the Hindus.

    This is especially tragic in that the vast majority of the victims of Islamist terrorism and violence are in fact Muslims.

    There is indeed a pathology about much of Islam, and more thoughtful Muslims like Irshad Manji or Dr.Jasser realize it. Unfortunately, they're in a minority.

    This pathology may come from Islam's tribal background, the character of Mohammed, or some other source, but it's something we as a society obviously are going to have to deal with.

    While it isn't true now, I'm hoping that someday America's Muslims opt for the freedom most of them came here to pursue and become part of the solution rather than part of the problem simply by staying silent in the name of the ummah and going with the flow.


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