Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stolen Sheep

Ahh, yes. There IS a joke in here, somehow! Feeling sorry for the poor sheep... And, as per the norm, when the nationality of the culpert[s] goes unmentioned you can bet your last halala that it was a Saudi!

Blame game. So typical. Take no responsibility whatsoever for your actions. Blame someone else. A man - a Saudi, no doubt, since his nationality is not identified - cons a woman into being seduced. For Eight Years! Or three. And it is the man's fault. The woman claims, "she fell into the man's trap and did not have her full presence of mind." He was, supposedly, blackmailing her and using "some sort of magic." Sure. Of course he was. The money quote, "Sometimes, he would say that he would make me go bald if I refused to have sex with him." Oh. My. Gosh! Make you go bald?!? Phleeze. Calling B.S. on the story. There are just too many discrepancies. Lady, you had an affair. You got caught. Now, you are now just trying to cover your black bag covered butt. Since the man has been punished doesn't the woman deserve equal punishment? Yes. She does.


  1. Why not just blame The Joos?

    Why would going bald be such abig deal to a Saudi woman, who we're led to understand, is supposedtobecovered head to toe in a black burlap sack, 24/7?

    Really, is it even conceivable that advanced pattern baldness could make a Saudi woman EVEN LESS attractive?

  2. The stolen sheep story sounds more like a lover's tryst. Or is that only with goats?

    Sheep are cheaper than hookers.

  3. The behaviour of a "Prince" thinking he can continue to do in England what they do in their country. Delightful they are!
    Here is a link,I hope you can use it if you haven't seen it already: http://www.cbc.ca/world/story/2010/10/19/saudi-prince-.html

  4. Being aggressive with the victem card sounds like a sensible defence; adultery is a capital crime for women in KSA.

    Perhaps if this warlock had chosen to "mix some potions" with a woman whose husband was less wealthy then she would get punished as well. Just don't look for "equal".

  5. I don't know about that abaya 24-7 thing. I've heard they are dead raunchy underneath.

  6. Have we lost you to a happy life?
    have you been silenced?

    The long arm of threads and/or money are powerful.

  7. http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/205064.php

    This beat goes on. At least you can access the Jawa Report now.

  8. To hell with the stolen sheep! Where's our stolen Sabra?

  9. Have you moved to another blog site? Really missing your postings. Hope all is well with you and DH.

  10. To Sabra's kidnappers (She has to have been kidnapped not to have written for this long.): We have camels, goats and sheep standing by, name your price.

  11. Just to wish you a Happy New Year 2011!

    Hope you will be back talking to all of us soon,
    but if you have decided not to, I'd like to ask you to say good-bye.


  12. Hey girl, where did you go? We need BC pictures!

  13. Looking for Sabra! Are you ok? Please let us know soon - we wish you well. Are you looking for that pink shoe??


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