Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Yep. Still. Yeah, it’s been a long one. Perhaps one of these days I can get back to some semi-serious blogging. With regrets and apologies…

First there was the firing of the houseboy and no help [how in the heck do people with real jobs and lives do it?!?], then a six-week leave to the states, which was immediately succeeded by a trip to Vienna, then the Holidays, followed by a month-long visit from my parents to our little hacienda in The Sandbox, and then a three-week trip to Buffalo, New York and Raleigh, North Carolina.

I’m home for the next few days and then off again – I’m already packing – for a week-long island vacation where I plan to lay on the beach [in the rain! it is cyclone season where we’re going!!!] and read Atlas Shrugged.

Perhaps I can return to this spot regularly in March. And there is only one thing that will prevent me from doing so. A move. To a different house – here – in The Sandbox – that has a pool! If that does happen then I am going to have to learn to get used to using my husband’s laptop if I am going to ever blog again [which I absolutely hate using!], as I will be reverting to a past profession – that of professional tanner.

Hey, oncologists need jobs, too…


  1. looking forward to having you and your comments back. I always enjoy reading them. keep up the good work

  2. Dear Sabra,
    You have been missed!!!! Am typing this with what is left of me after a bad fall on icy pavement: broken left wrist, sprained right thumb....PAIN is my address for the moment. Hope all is well with everyone, please remember that if oncologists need work, they do not hold a candle, in terms of need, to good student-analysts of our puzzling ME; you are irreplaceble.

  3. Please hurry back! I enjoy reading your blog but I do understand the need for taking a well deserved break!


  4. i'm confused - you are an oncologist??

  5. are you back yet?


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