Friday, September 04, 2009

Why? Why?! WHY!!??!!

Do both the computer and the printer choose to give me a hard time when I need them most? Because I need them, that's why. And, because "they" can.

My printer is telling me I need to reinstall the "HP software" before it will allow me to print photographs. I am going to the States soon and wanted to print out a bunch of pictures to take back. Cannot print a single one of them. Where is the stupid disc we got with the printer? Not a clue where it is. However, will call HP and hope that they can help me. Again. Their customer support has been fabulous in the past. Hopefully that has not changed. Just one more thing to add to my growing list of things to do though, that instead of getting shorter just keeps getting longer. Typical. Just typical.

And now the computer. It is not letting me do my links to the articles in the newspapers. I started a post with "local" news the other day. Fought with it and fought with it and couldn't get it to post my links properly. WHAT the HECK is WRONG with IT!?? I know how to do links. No I am not a computer genius. I have never professed to be. But I think I know how to post links after having done so for the last four years or so, here, at this blog. But now? Noooo. Arguing with a computer and a printer are just something I do not have any patience with. I want to turn them on, and I expect them to work. Is that asking too much? Apparently it is.

And today, because I didn't have enough to do, I was goofing off at the computer and came across the thing on MSM about Standard Poodles that have all been clipped to look like something else. Clipped, coiffed and dyed. The "camel" is what caught my attention. No, I have absolutely no intention to try to do anything like this to The Baby, ever, but it sure was cute.


See? Still not posing properly. Just par for the course...

I've got to write about the truck, too. Anyone in the States having problems with "Government Motors" yet? Just curious. Would like to be able to have something to compare our GMC dealer here with. Dealing with GMC in Khobar has not been particularly easy since we bought the truck almost three years ago, but I don't really sweat it very much because it isn't something I can really do anything about. You know, since women in The Sandbox cannot drive. DH has to have that headache. And this week? Oh, it was a headache alright. Big headache. A migraine.


  1. what's the printer model number and what version of Windows are you running? are you using Windows XP or Windows Vista?

    get me that info and i can get you the driver download you need, so you don't have to call them...

  2. Printer... You might try going to the HP home site and looking for the software to download. Which tech support should have done for you...

    I have a 3-year-old HP printer-copier-fax myself. And of course, software problems. And of course, the drivers and other software for my model are no longer available. It does work, though, for printing. For scanning, I use the operating system (WinXP) scanning software - it's better anyway (despite being older, and "generic"), besides the HP stuff not working.

    Links... wierdly the posting of links seems to work most days but not others. Darned if I can figure out why.

    Good luck.

  3. Toyota Sequoias are now available in the Gulf States. They are special editions just for that area. Since they are relatively new to the market there, you might get extra nice treatment. They are pricey, but their design has been modified at the Indiana factory for the extreme driving conditions there. It might be worth a look.

    As far as your other machine problems, I feel your pain sister. I deal with computer controlled factory automation systems. A down system is very bad indeed. Hopefully yours is up & running by now!

  4. I'm glad you're not going to make your Baby look like the dogs in the photos. Some of them were cute, but the look of humiliation on the face of the "horse/dog" speaks volumes. Poor sweetie.


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