Friday, January 15, 2010

He's Got Blue Lips [A Short Political Rant]

Because sometimes I just have to get things off of my - for right now - unimplanted chest... [Yes. Along with a tummy tuck, I am having my breasts done, too. Lifted and "pluffed" out to look like they used to look. Plastic surgery? I will be happy to say that I have gone under the knife, when I do so. Pictures. Before and after. Maybe even during. They'll be posted, here.]

I'm not the only one who has noticed. The jugearedjackass has blue lips. Could be for any number of reasons. Perhaps he has some sort of life-threatening disease [please!], but we'll never know because he has never had to release any records from his past, including health records. No matter. His time will be up soon enough. There will be a revolt. I can feel it. American people are getting ready. They will not put up with the shitola he's shoveling for much longer. We are going to see people descending on the White House with pitchforks. Hopenchange. Oh, yeah. That is working out just swimmingly, isn't it?

How many people are going to be okay with the fact that the unions are going to get some special deal and that their health-care coverage, if they have a "cadillac plan" will not be taxed but everyone else's will be? I read it at someone's blog [which I would link to if I could remember where I saw it] that they will never buy another product that has been made by a union. Me either. I will only buy products made in China if that makes it through. Not that I have gone out of my way to buy "American" made, but you can bet your sweet bippy I will go out of my way from hereon out to not buy American made if unions get that sweet-heart deal.

Someone on a previous post thinks I've been listening to a little too much Rush. I don't think that that is even possible. Too much Rush. Although I will say that it is the best $49.95 I have ever spent. A membership so I can listen to Rush any time I want. Two days ago Rush said, that the jeja was going to be "post racial, post partisan, post achievement" and that "none of that has happened." It sure hasn't. Rush thinks that the jugearedjackass is doing what he is doing "by design on purpose." I, for one believe him - Rush - that is. Nothing pleases me more than to know that many, many voters are now having "buyer's remorse." Ha! Told you so. No, McCain was not a great choice, but he certainly was the better of the two choices. And he had Sarah on his team. Go, Sarah!

...let's see... Also heard on Rush that the jeja was asking people to donate to Haiti. The jeja is asking "citizens who have lost their jobs because of his policies to donate to the relief effort." Before I could even get my next thought out, Rush took a call from Carol who said, "Has he donated his Nobel Peace Prize money yet? He [the jeja] should donate it to Haiti." I agree, Carol.

Oh, and back to Haiti. Bill O'Reilly said that we've given THREE BILLION DOLLARS in assistance to Haiti, since the Clinton years and no one can account for how that money has been spent. Haiti is worse off now, in 2010, than it was in 1992. Hillary is now promising that there will be some accountability for the ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS that the jeja has just pledged that country. Umm hmm. Sure there will be. Take a good look at Haiti, everyone. What you see is what America is going to look like soon. Even Bill O'Reilly doesn't believe that this new influx of cash will get to "the folks." It will line the pockets of the thugery dictators. But then, the same thing is happening in the States. I do not believe that with all the special deals going on to get the debacle known as health care passed that pockets are not being lined.

Speaking of lining pockets. Senator Mike Johanns, you are a pussy. Greta tried nine or ten different ways to get you to call a spade a spade and you couldn't. He refused to call what Ben Nelson got for the state of Nebraska a bribe.

Today I learned that one of osama bin laden's buddies, riduan isamuddin [better known as hambali] could be tried only steps away from the White House in D.C. Gretchen, you said that like it is a bad thing? I don't think so. That they want to bring terr0rists to D.C. makes all the sense in the world to me. They will feel right at home. Some terr0rists just want to kill us with kaboomy things and all that - the ones sitting at the White House just want to kill us with taxes and socialism.
All I know is that it my own dreamy little world... Oh, never mind. I can't "say" things like that aloud.

It has gotten so that I cannot even watch morning television [nighttime television to anyone living in the "real" world] in peace any more. Have to sit there on the edge of the couch poised with my pen in hand to make notes... Ditto for listening to Rush on the computer.

Sick. Just sick of what is happening there in the States. According to Steve Doocy today on Fox & Friends over three hundred million dollars has now been donated to Haiti. I should care more about Haiti. I just don't...


  1. I felt the same way about New Orleans, Sabra, but then you see the pictures of the little children who didn't deserve this kind of crap.

    Yeah, we know most of what's going to go to Haiti will be stolen, looted or "diverted" (mostly by the UN, no less), but there are those that can be saved, and the effort should still be made. Even a ultimately-futile effort can sometimes achieve a little good (see:Sarah Palin). I think that maybe wasting a few hundred million dollars trying to do this (save Haitians) is better than wasting it on funding ACORN.

    As for not buying American, considering we make very little in this country besides Pepsi, Marlboros, Doritos, and laxatives, that might not be too difficult. On the other hand, we are also the biggest exporter of Breast Implants, even ones with the Union Label, so you might want to rethink that one... I don't know if I'd trust an implant stamped "Made in China".


  2. I can't work up any great urgency to donate to Haiti, for pretty much the same reasons. We're sinking fast enough here, and sure it's sad the Haitians are all shook to bits. Shook... shaken? Shaked? Whatever. Point is, Haiti has been a shithole for decades, and my bet is even after this financial outpouring will remain a shithole for decades to come. And like you say, we don't seem to be far behind.

  3. If Obama is ill we will never know, as his medical records are locked up in the same box as his college grades, employment history, meeting minutes from the Illinois state senate, original draft of his "auto"-biography, thesis paper and alledged birth certificate. I listened to Dr Savage on the subject of Haitii: If we do not send aid to the Haitians in Haiti we will send aid to them in Florida. Cheaper in the long run to send money than receive a flotilla of raft people.

  4. Just one crazy decision after another from Obama. Rush Limbaugh is one of the FEW sane voices out there. He has been right all along about Obama and the fact that Obama is doing all of this destruction of America ON PURPOSE.

    We listen to the podcast every day, I heard that women suggest Obama donate his Nobel Peace Price winnings to Haiti. Don't hold your breath.

    I can't remember the amount, but when we were discussing the president sitting in Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years, it was released how much Obama and ME-chelle donated in offerings to the church, it was PITIFUL small amount.

    Now, to the plastic surgery. What is pluffed? Who is doing your surgery? I reputable physician I hope. Good luck. Just know one thing -- it's not like on the TV series NIP TUCK, where you go in one day and the next day you are completely healed and look 20 years younger.

    It take a while for the incisions to heal.

    Good luck with it I hope all goes well.

    Right Truth

  5. Good point, Matthew, about the implants. Very good point. I will keep that in mind. I may not have them after all. I do have some principles! Haiti? Still not donating money. Donating again, though, to Scott Brown!

    As bad as I feel for the children getting "all shaken up," leeann, the best thing that could happen to Haiti is for another couple of rumbles to happen and then for someone to take a coat of paint to the place. Start all over. [Saw that at Big Dick's Place. Had to agree with him.]

    How are we going to get that little box the jeja keeps under his bed, vd? Any suggestions? I need to start listening to Dr. Savage, more. He, too, sees/knows what is going on.

    The only donation of that check the jeja is going to make Debbie is to his own bank account. Anyone who thinks differently is just wrong. Yes I am having a reputable physician do my surgery - pluffed is "standing up and at attention, again, not sliding down into my armpits when I lay down," and I know the healing process will take at least three weeks. The decision to have this surgery is not one I have made on a whim. And, I'll be happy with looking ten years younger...

  6. Ahh I get it. This is some failed attempt at satire or something. I knew you couldn't be serious when you started praising Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Fox & Friends and Bill "Shawn Hornbeck enjoyed being kidnapped and molested" O'Reilly.

    Careful though, you've attracted some right nutters to your comments secion. ;)

    Good luck with the implants. Hope they don't implode! :)

  7. What is it about Rush that brings trolls out of the woodwork? This site hasn't attracted "right nutters" as much as it has a "left loon."

  8. Er... my use of the term "right" was not a political one. Instead it was meant in the general slang sense used in the UK, as in: "you've attracted some serious nutters".

    And don't assume. Where I come from (outside the US) we don't play "Right vs Left" games. We tend to look at politics objectively and give credit and scorn where due, on all sides. And it's a joke to think that Rush Limbaugh is disseminating anything close to truthful information. All those people and organisations you mentioned are considered complete jokes in the rest of the world, no matter what your political affiliation. Because that's what they are.

    Have a great day! :)

  9. You are right, Anonymous. It attracted at least one "serious nutter." Good that you can speak for the entire "rest of the world."

    Thanks for playing, though. Go ahead now. You just run along. That game on your computer is calling you.


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