Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sterling is Home!

Brought The Boy home yesterday, late afternoon. He was happy, happy, happy to see us and we were happy, happy, happy to see him. Saffrynn was happy, happy, happy to see her Big Brother. No - not happy. Estatic!

Geez. What a nasty gash our poor little guy has on him right now though. It is a "Y" shaped incision with no less than 150 staples. Big and gnarly. There is quite a bit of after care. Fine by me. Massaging his left leg every couple of hours for ten minutes or so to alliviate the swelling is not a problem. Hot, dry compresses every hour or so to the wound to alliviate the swelling is not a problem either. The team of vets at N.C. State Vet School assure us that we have removed the pain. No, we have not "cured" the cancer, but with the tumor removed the pain is gone. It will be early next week when we have all of the pathology back.

Have to say that Sterling is doing okay on three legs. Tripod. DH called him Tripod. No, Sterling is not running and jumping on the bed yet with three legs but that will come in short order. [We need to keep him from jumping on the bed for at least three weeks, so until then the boxes remain on the bed at all times unless we are actually in the bed. Boxes on the bed were the deterrent before we had the surgery done and something told me not to put them out in recycling quite yet.]

We will be going next week, back to N.C. State Vet School to talk to the oncologist and the surgeon, again. Not quite sure how we will proceed. Not saying we won't do chemotherapy, but not convinced we will go that route quite yet, either.

The good thing: Sterling is home!


  1. i am so happy your baby is home ... today i was thinking of you both and came to check for news as soon as i could... good news that you have him home and you can look after him ... my very best wishes to you all

  2. congrats ur babies back!! lets hope she isn't grumpy from all the meds and hurting in her leg!!

  3. Oh Sabra, I hope The Boy will be comfortable in months to come. My prayers are with you.

  4. Happy he is home, I know he feels better with his family. Poor guy, he has been through so much with the move, travel, new surroundings, now all the surgery and medical problems. Dogs are like our children though. We love them and they love us, part of the family.

    Just enjoy having him home and try not to dwell on the future just yet.

    Right Truth

  5. It's good to hear that your Baby is home and you are there for him. Take care of your babies.


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