Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And... Life goes on.

Slowly. Almost three full months in the States, now. Status? Pretty much the same as it has been since I got here, but for of course, Sterling. The job DH got that was going to move us to the Northeast? Turns out the guy who interviewed him in NC didn't have the authority to offer DH the job. So, no job. Not that that is a bad thing. I was absolutely dreading the thought of moving to New York. Now a moot issue. Stilettos in China? That could possibly be next. Here is how I am approaching that: After seven years in The Sandbox anything else is going to be a cake walk! We will know if we are moving to China shortly. Do I have any readers from China? Bejing... Any American readers? Can anyone offer any insight to living in China? I have been to Singapore, but not China. Nervous about the dog situation there. Something like a 45 day quarantine? Miss Pretty a/k/a Saffrynn is NOT going to like that.

Sterling is doing alright. Getting around very, very well. The surgery was two months ago and for a week afterward he improved dramatically and then had a bit of a set back. Our vet - who is absolutely fabulous - put us back on track, though, with narcotics. He was fast to determine that Sterling was still in pain, even though the vets at N.C. State assured us that Sterling was not. I have mixed feelings about N.C. State Vetrinary Teaching Hospital. So, after a few extra weeks of heavy duty drugs Sterling was pretty much back to his old self. That is a very very good thing. We know we do not have a lot longer with our Boy. We will just continue to enjoy every minute of every day with him and make sure that he is not suffering at all.

As for blogging and following blogs? I get to do very little. My choices are to use the laptop - which isn't a viable choice - or to use the computer at the home we are currently staying at. Suffice it to say that I just am out of the blogging loop for the time being. I follow very few and visit only a small handful of the blogs I used to follow every single day. And watching Fox News? Well that doesn't happen as much right now, either. Doesn't necessarily change my previous opinions on anything. I still think that Americans are being far too PC and it is NOT going to help us in any way, shape or form. Muslims still want us all dead or want us to conform. It is NOT a two way street with that sect and it NEVER EVER will be. Wake up Americans! Allowing a mosque near the WTC is the WRONG thing to do. Tell those cameljockeygoatphuckkers that they can build another mosque when we can build a Synagogue in The Sandbox. Not gonna happen. Why the heck are we bowing down to them? Oh. Wait. That's right. Who can forget the jeja bowing down to the king? How come so few of us see and understand what is happening, here?!?


  1. Hey, glad to hear Sterling is still hanging in! And as for your last paragraph..well said! I think it's how the majority of Americans feel..wish our government would get a clue!

  2. " How come so few of us see and understand what is happening, here?!? "

    Because that would require thought, and if there's anything that most Americans hate more than the WNBA, it's having to THINK.

    I would solve the problem by subjecting all registered democrats, and everyone below the age of 35 to a 24-hour, high-pressure enema.

    I'm sorry you won't be joining us here in the People's Republik of New Yorkistan, but it's probably for the best. I'm looking to get the hell out of here as soon as as is humanly possible, myself.

  3. I was wondering what happened to you, glad you gave us an update. China? That would certainly be a change from SA. They have some beautiful architecture there, food, landscapes. Not sure I would want to 'live' there though.

    Right Truth

  4. Glad to hear the news about Sterling. I was wondering how he and you were doing.

    China does have censorship of the internet, but I do believe you can find a church there, alcohol, pork, even go out without a veil or head covering. You can even drive. So that makes it 100% better.

    Hope you update soon, I'll keep you in my prayers.

  5. So good to hear from you.

    I'm going to continue to wish the very best for you and yours.

    Come back when you can.
    We'll be waiting.

    *skritches for your babys*


  6. I don't know which aircraft your better half has tickets for, but I know of only two businesses that are hopping nearly everywhere I look.

    FED-EX, and UPS. FED-EX has large aircraft AND small aircraft - everything from Cessna Caravans to DC-10s. UPS has a ton of 767s. Both fly in and out of here many times a day.

    Getting a ticket for the biggies might be a bit difficult, but for an interim flight job, a Caravan ticket might work out all right, and could be relatively cheap to get.

    Give FED-EX and UPS a shot. People are buying stuff on-line and having it delivered all over the US. There's so much package business that DHL's previously idle yellow and red aircraft are being leased by another carrier too. And all those airplanes need pilots.


  7. Hi ... I stumbled across your blog looking for repatriation information and have found myself coming over to read what you have to say from time to time. I'm in Qatar, have been for the past six years, and will be repatriating for the first time, back to the U.S. in December. Do you have any valuable information to help with the transition?


  8. For the FIRST time in six years, R-Qatar?!? My gosh, how have you done it for six years without coming home?!! You are going to need to be de-programmed. Coming home will be a piece of cake. Well, compared to leaving the States to go to a middle east country, anyway. I suspect that you will have no problem at all with the transition. The time difference will be a shock to your body, at first. The fact that it is no longer light at 4:45 in the morning... But it isn't dark at 5P, either. That will only take a week or two to adjust to, though. At least you have been in a much more civilized area than saudi was. You will be just fine!

  9. I think you will hate the censorship in China. My sister has made multiple trips. She found that event the Walgreens.com site was blocked farther inland, but not in Beijeng (sp?). She and her husband were also stopped by the police in a square - turns out they were expecting international protesters and wanted to ensure my sister and her husband were just tourists. She had loved China until that, but was glad to be back home from her trip after that experience.

  10. So sorry Sabra, to confuse you... we've been back to the States for vacation over the course of the six years we have been living here. I meant "first time to repatriate." I started reading some repatriate books to help with the transition.. just thought if you too had information to share.


  11. There are MANY who oppose the mosque and speak up and voice their opinion. The thing is, those in charge don't care what the American people want. They're to busy kissing ass and once again cramming their PC bull down everyone's throat, and we're supposed to take it (and support it) whether we in the know want it or not. We're screwed either way.


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