Saturday, September 11, 2010

In Remembrance of This Day

What happened on September 11, 2001, still makes me reel. And we are allowing muslims to take over OUR country, why?

Oh, sure, that lame argument "not all muslims are terrorists" will be tossed around today like it has been for the last nine years, but I, for one, am not buying into it. It is creeping into American culture like a plague and the majority of Americans are to nambsy-pansy to do a dayum thing about it. "It," being islam and the take over of what is truly the finest country in the whole wide world, MUST BE STOPPED. If "it" isn't? Lord Help Us All.


  1. I disagree with all that you're saying here. That is, other than what happened on 9/11 being a terrible, horrific event that none of us will ever forget.

    Surely you can't believe that all Muslims are terrorists? That's like grouping you in with some of the terrible things that have been done over the years against others in the name of Chistianity, or by Christian extremists, because you follow the same faith.

    Nothing like promoting distrust and hate towards a group of people.... and then asking the Lord to help.

    In my most humble opinion, I don't think God is interested in that.

  2. Good try, Now, back to that rock you crawled out from underneath...

  3. @Sabra:

    At least he/she tried to crawl out from underneath it.

  4. Thankfully, your response speaks more about you than what it does about many Americans I call friends. And, about your original post.

    Don't worry - I won't return again.

  5. If you read, and understand the Quran, you will surely understand the Muslim "religion"

    It is NOT a religion of "Peace" and "Tolerance". What you will see is and underling of Sharia, and obedience unto those that claim that the Quran is obedience and servitude by the sword. My way or the highway. There is NO tolerance! Islam is nothing more than a forcible concept, of how, Islam demands that WE believe.


  6. Your are truely ignorant Stilettos in the Sand. But your ignorance will be your down fall, if not in this time, come the Day Of Judgement. Allah sees and knows all. And as for Islam taking over America. It will, for it is the true religion and it us who will be rewarded with Jannah and not you. And as for those Muslims you say are the terrorists. You and I both know they are fanitical fundamentalists. And do not follow the five pillars nor do they believe in the Qur'an only parts they want to.

  7. Heh, I get similar crap as you got from Angel and, Sabra.

    Unfortunately, given the despicable state of mental health care available in this country, neither will ever be cured of their delusions, and besides, since stupid is forever there really wasn't much hope for them, anyway.

    The argument that "Christianity" is "as bad as" fundaMENTAList Islam is a false one: whatever else it might have been in the past, Christianity has at least matured and mellowed. There are no more Knights Templar, no more Hospitalers, and no one calls for a Crusade amymore. However, Islam still has it's kamikaze squads (Al'Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, et. al.)shouting "jihad!", and persists in it's nonsense about world domination.

    And if Allah really saw all, he'd probably piss his holy pants laughing at the rabble of livestock-abusing retards who carry His banner.

    Islam is a mental disorder, not a "true" anything -- let alone a "religion" -- and those who follow it are simply sexually-repressed little dictators who are deathly afraid of vaginas. And when it isn't a mental disease, it's an excuse for petty, backwards, nose-picking doofuses to steal, kill, and rape, free from the pangs of guilt that NORMAL human beings would feel if they did such things.

    Get it right, Muslims: you aren't pious people seeking a perfect world; you're a bunch of morons who are acutely aware of their own inadequacies, and insanely jealous of those who are more successful, industrious, intelligent and cleaner than you are.

  8. I agree with Sabra. I can't seem to remember the massive outcry from the Muslim world after 9/11, probably because it didn't happen. Time to play Cowboys and Muslims.

    James Old Guy

  9. I was reading another blog today about Molly Norris. Remember her? The cartoonist who is now in hiding to save her life. The cartoonist who, tongue-in-cheek, suggested a National Draw M..... day and all hell broke loose from the Muslim world?
    A religion of peace and tolerance? Really? Not from what I see. And what I see is what I believe. Muslims can talk all they want about peace and tolerance. Talk is cheap. Walk the walk if you want me to believe. When 'moderate' Muslims stand as one and DO something contructive about the "extremists", maybe I will begin to buy the peace and tolerance line.
    Until then.....

    When are we going to get angry enough to take a stand and say ENOUGH!?


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