Monday, October 06, 2008


Oh my gosh! Got a little mention on one of the big player's blogs. That little mention has put my Sitemeter off the dials, for me! I was slowly approaching 10,000 visitors since I installed it in April - Sitemeter, that is. I figured I would meet the 10,000 mark sometime in November or December. Nope. Already happened. And surpassed.


I am honored and humbled to have Ace of Spades HQ readers come see my site. I am NO where near the caliber that the Ace of Spades bloggers are...

For regulars that come here - the five or six of you [you know who you are], check this video out. If it doesn't bring tears of joy to your eyes, I don't know what will!!! Heartwarming beyond belief...


  1. Ace said you were really hot but he didn't say anything about no pictures. Damn him.

  2. There are pictures! You just didn't look hard enough.

  3. "I am NO where near the caliber that the Ace of Spades bloggers are..."

    *snicker!* Give it some time and you'll see that the Ace bloggers are just better at being moronic dweebs than their readers are... ;-)

    Keep safe, I have family that just returned from that region. Not exactly a vacation spot but Saudi Arabia I hear has some charm.

  4. "Give it some time and you'll see that the Ace bloggers are just better at being moronic dweebs..." I doubt that very much, John!

    Where was your family at when they were over here? Can you say? No. Not high on the list for vacation spots, that's for sure...

  5. Nice blog.

    My grandparents lived in Saudi Arabia ages ago (Like in the late 50's and early 60's). I remember my grandmother telling me about how she wasn't allowed to go to the market alone and had to have a houseboy to run her errands for her. They also had to live in the American village and not among the general population. (My grandfather worked for Aramco). My grandfather told different stories, apparently he was allowed to do pretty much anything he wanted to, within reason. I do remember him telling me that Americans had to be be very, very careful and, even then, it was a dangerous place for Americans.

  6. Very interesting, Mpur. I was under the impression that long ago things were much less "formal" than they are now - that women didn't have to wear abeya's, etc. And, supposedly, on the American compounds there was alcohol in the store and a pork market. Those days are long, long, long gone. Interesting to note that your Grandfather said that Americans had to be very, very careful, and that back then it was dangerous for Americans. Do Saudi's even know who to thank for oil?!? And, we, by virtue of that, are their enemies???

  7. Kathy from Kansas10/06/2008 07:01:00 PM

    Whoa! I'M so glad that AoSHQ linked to you! My first visit here, and I plan to make it a regular habit, have just added you to my "Favorites" list. Glad you're doing this, it's a unique and very needed voice.

  8. Whoa! Kathleen from Kansas - that AOSHQ linked me - is beyond fathoming.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit and that you've put me on favorites and hope that you visit again soon.

    The bar is pretty darn high now. "Doggoneit," I just hope I can live up to it!!! Your compliments are graciously accepted and received. Thank you.

  9. Whoops!

    Kathy - NOT Kathleen!!!

    Just a little non-entity, here, ya' know...

  10. Look forward to reading your blog from the beginning. I'm on my last portion of a second deployment in the Middle East: Iraq, and now Egypt. Always interesting to get perspectives of people from home in such a different region culturally.

  11. well done, I now know someone "famous" in the blogging world.....LOL


  12. Hello ! I also found you from Ace and read your first few posts. I think I'll start at the beginning...

    Want anything from home? :)

    Take good care and no more tumbles!

    Seattle, WA

  13. Thanks, MauserMedic, for stopping by. But a much bigger and deserved THANK YOU for what you do!!! Be safe! [Where are you in Egypt, are you allowed to say? I can understand if you can't. We've been to Cairo and Sharm-El-Sheik, but just for visits, nothing long-term.] Cairo was "interesting." That's an understatement. If you go backward in the blog you'll read about the trouble I almost got into there...

  14. My goodness, Gill. I feel famous! 2,200 viewers yesterday. Way, way up from my typical 8 or 9...

  15. Thanks, Shannon, for coming by. No. Don't need anything at the moment. Just unpacked our shipment... Going to take the chance and go for a walk with The Kids this morning. We all need it - the walk. Cannot believe I took the tumble I did! Will hope and pray THAT never happens again.

  16. "I doubt that very much, John!"

    You haven't read Ace for very long I see. Two words: epic poetry. QED ;-) Seriously though, it's more a term of affection among bloggers and readers there.

    "Where was your family at when they were over here? Can you say? No. Not high on the list for vacation spots, that's for sure..."

    Riyadh, Baghdad and someplace in Yemen at one time. Thank God they are home safe and sound.

  17. On the contrary, John, I've been reading Ace for the last three or four years! I've commented off and on - I stay in the background most of the time. Ace could probably tell you I've been there that long. I sure he has statistics - and the same IP from SA has been there lurking in the shadows for a while. A long while...

    Interesting choice of locals, to live, John. Riyadh, Baghdad and Yemen. I'm glad they are all home safe and sound, too!

  18. I'm enjoying the countryside by El Gorah about 12 km from the Rafah border crossing on the Egyptian side. I get down to Sharm once a month for training, and had my wife come over here for two weeks for my leave. Spent time in Cairo with her; it was her first trip outside N. America, and a big shock. During Ramadan actually. Interesting place to visit, but no desire to be here longer than necessary.

  19. I bet it was a shock to her MauserMedic! Don't blame you at all for not desiring to be there longer than necessary. One trip to Cairo was enough for me. Been there done that seen the pyramids... Although the museum was fascinating on several levels.


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