Tuesday, December 23, 2008

But, what about the theft?!?

The Saudi Post is being investigated looked into regarding "embezzlement involving Saudi Post Corporation employees." This is all well and good. There are some bribery issues that are being "investigated," as well. Might it not behoove authorities to look at the cases of theft, too? Items and things have disappeared from mail that comes to us, including a couple of books and a pink shoe. Oh. And what about the way the mail is actually handled - or "manhandled" as the case may be. The damage that is done to items that are mailed? How about checking into that while you're investigating other wrong doings? Just a thought. The mail system in The Sandbox leaves a lot to be desired. [Understatement, that!] Best to pay the additional money and have friends and family send items via DHL or Federal Express or some other way that you have a system to track your package or packages.

My Dear Mother-In-Law sends us Christmas presents every year. Bless her. She takes the time and trouble to prettily wrap and beribbon the gifts before boxing them to be sent. I don't have the heart to tell her not to bother wrapping them in anything but newspaper. Customs and Saudi Post workers are just going to rip the gifts open and then carelessly and wantonly stuff whatever it is back in the box and tape it up before it gets to our mailbox. So what that that box cutter slices through whatever the "gift" may be. Not their problem. Not even a concern. So what that when whoever is inspecting the packages he [there are no "she's" that work at the Saudi Post] only replaces half the contents of whatever has been removed from the box during inspection and that pieces go amiss or get destroyed in the process. Deal.

Anyone who has issues with the way mail is handled in the United States should see how mail is handled, here. You would have a total and new-found respect for the carriers in the States who traipse through rain and snow and wind and hail to deliver cards and packages that have not all been opened and censored and picked through and damaged or destroyed...


  1. Well...there has been some improvements in the last 20 plus years. When I arrived in Bahrain back in 1987 and for many years after that...it could take anywhere from 2 months to 6 months for a letter to arrive (either way) once sent. Packages almost never made it to the point that nobody would send me anything anymore.

    Im wondering what exactly gives them authority to open up packages unless something suspicious shows up on an xray machine or something? Who watches that they dont just arbitrarily take things they deem "forbidden" and why is there never anyone interested in your complaints of foul play?

  2. Really good questions, Coolred! "What gives them the right?" Because they can, I guess... "Who watches that they don't just arbitrarily take things?" Ahh. They do just arbitrarily take things. Can a pink shoe be considered "forbidden?" I guess it could - in some circles - but I am of the opinion that someone "caught on" to the little system I had going and was waiting for the other pink shoe... Why has no one ever been "interested" in my "complaints of foul play?" Oh. Please. I would welcome someone to be interested! However, I would venture to guess that what I consider "foul play," is just status quo, here.

  3. the thieving that goes on at Canada Post is no better than what you have to go through. Infact I just wrote about it the other day on my blog.


  4. Yeah, I saw that Gill. Someone was thinking they were going to get lucky with $$$ in a card. Hey - at least you ended up with the card - and it wasn't just discarded somewhere. I wonder how many people loose money in the mail this way every Christmas...


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