Monday, December 01, 2008

First the Computer - Then Us

The computer "caught" something. Always good to have an extra copy of Norton Anti-Virus software hanging around! DH patiently got the computer back up and running. After much, much difficulty, time and effort. Honestly - we thought it was over for our little computer. I immediately started having withdrawal symptoms. What?!? NO COMPUTER!!! NOOOOO!!!!! Just fix it. And, thankfully, he was able to. We are still not sure what happened. No doubt, something I did, though. No matter. All fixed. Or it was all fixed.

Then we left. We are home in the States. So, blogging will be light if not non-existent. I have all the time in the world in my life in Saudi. I have very, very little time in my life in the States. Too much to do. People to see. Places to go.

Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving and apologize for not being able to post before I left - but since I was without a computer for a couple of days there - and then, when it was up and running, I was up and running madly trying to get everything done and get us packed to leave.

Home shortly... Please put me on the list to come back and visit in two weeks. I wouldn't expect much here until then. All of you, that is - those of you who even care - there are three or four, you know who you are. The rest of you fairly recent "Anonymous" commenters who think I should just leave Saudi forever - who, by the way, won't get space here, to spout off since I am still moderating comments. Do yourself a favor and get your own blog. You can call it "I hate Sabra," if you want. I have two words for you: . [Better left unsaid.]


  1. Glad you're OK. Enjoy your time here.

  2. I am so relieved to see your post. I was really starting to get worried. I'd sent a comment a couple of days ago requesting just one word to know you were safe. Nothing! Yikes, I was afraid you'd been too critical of the sandbox. I feel much better now, hope you enjoy your visit home.

  3. Well, hope you're enjoying yourself!!

    Take your time, I'll be here :)

  4. Enjoy your time at home in the States!


  5. Avast anti-virus is way superior to norton. Especially if you use their boot scan!

  6. Welcome back to the States. Have a wonderful time.

    Chrissie aka Wild Thing

  7. MySmokey says.... Are you gonna read my blog girlfriend? I thought I had to start a blog to talk with you which I did....htt:// lol...I haven't read your addition here but I will and hope to communicate with you soon.....Wendy aka mysmokey

  8. MySmokey aka Wendy says: To get to your blog (which I finally found) I thought I had to make my own I did and this is it (htt:// I hope you check it out and can respond so we can communicate. I need to spend more time on it but check it out and respond. I will get pictures on there eventually but speaking of that I still haven't seen any of you pictures of you and the kids. Anyways hope to communicate with you soon....your friend always from New Hampshire...mysmokey aka wendy


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