Monday, April 19, 2010


His name will be Coen Robert. He is due to arrive on or about September 10th. Now, if you'll excuse me, there is MUCH shopping to be attended to. Oh My Gosh. Is this going to be FUN, or what!?! Oh, yeah, it is.


  1. Wow. Congratulations on this...I bet Dad is very happy!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations! Go forth and shop!

    Right Truth

  3. Oh, he is, SH. He is. Like he had EVERYTHING to do with it and that The Higher Power wasn't in charge. I could hear it in his voice today. "Guess what, Mom? It IS a Boy!"

    Already started, Debbie. All I needed to know was if there was an "X and Y" or two "X's." Viola. An "X and Y." [Of course it was particularly helpful that on today's sonogram they saw his little "winkie."]

  4. Congratulations! Babys R Us, look out! Here she comes!

  5. No kidding, Linda. Have already been to Macy's [on-line] and Pottery Barn Kids, today. Called my Dear Son, "Honey? It's me. Do you want me to get the crib set with the airplanes or the trains. Never mind. Seeing as how Bumpa is a pilot, I ordered the planes. 'K. Just checking. Love you." Planes crib set ordered, on the way. Ditto for a lot of "blue" at Macy's. [Great prices for Macy's if you go to to the "sale" section!] Tomorrow? Baby Gap and Carter's. Completely forgot about Babies 'R Us. Babies 'R Us on Wednesday. You are sooo right. "Here she comes!" Stimulating the economy. Just doing my part.

  6. Yea! It's a boy! I'm so happy for you Sabra, you're going to have a grand time preparing for his blessed arrival. Congrats to you, DH and DS.

    And I love the name......


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