Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Drunk Camel Herding

On a slightly lighter note – however, in keeping with tonight’s “alcoholic” theme, I found this amusing – in more ways than one – as well as a bit dismal.

Anyone who knows this “area” of the Middle East knows that you can’t just “cross into the Eastern Province from Bahrain.” Go ahead. Grab that Atlas that’s been sitting there on the bottom shelf of the bookcase collecting dust. I’ll wait…

See? Bahrain is an island. And, as is typical for most islands, it is surrounded by water. There is The Causeway. It is probably a good five miles – maybe more – long. I can’t drive from one side to the other – I can drive after getting to the Bahrain side – but I cannot drive from my house to that point – so I’ve never checked the mileage. [Actually, the driving here is, for the most part, so bad, that I take a book if it is daylight and read. It is just too scary to watch the road and other drivers!] Either way, it’s a pretty good hike from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia via The Causeway.

Perhaps the camels swim? I know very little about camels, so if someone would like to set me straight on this, by all means, have at it. Be my guest.

And, I’ve not even given much consideration to the fact that this little old alcoholic Camel Herder has to go through customs – twice – Bahrain to leave, and then Saudi Arabia, to enter, after swimming how far? If you are walking, with your camels, do you still have to pay the crossing fee? How much is it per camel?

The dismal aspect of this is that at 80 years old this man for whatever reason isn’t able to retire and hang out in his tent – in the desert – with his camels and firewater. You’re 80 and you’ve worked all your life – herding camels – it’s time to kick back. You deserve it. And, you’ve taken “personal responsibility” for your actions. You’ve freely admitted that you are a “serious alcoholic” and your “greatest joy [is] to herd camels in the desert while drunk.” What you DON’T deserve six months in jail and 300 lashes! Is there a possibility that perhaps YOU are too short for jail?

I'm raising my glass to the little Old Alcoholic Herder with the Swimming Camels. Cheers!


  1. Hi Beth. I like it here. I'll be back!

  2. Cheers to the old guy. I hope some Prince finds himself in the mood to make a grand geture and grants him a reprieve (and a case of some of the good stuff).

  3. This is good stuff. You outta compile a book out of your blog entries... when you get a few more posted. I'd read it.


  4. interesting BLOG...first time visitor


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