Sunday, July 02, 2006

Internet Blamed for Drug Abuse

Okay, the Internet is not really being blamed for drug abuse, but instead for the “increase” in drug abuse. Dr. Muhammad Ali Koman says here that:
“[T]he Internet played an important role in the circulation of drugs and that many criminals used the worldwide web to learn ways of smuggling and distributing narcotics.”

This, in and of itself, amazes me. I can’t track wine baskets that I’ve sent as gifts to relatives in the States as the sites are “blocked.” But I could, if I so desired, learned new ways of smuggling and distributing narcotics? What would one even search for to find the newest ways to smuggle and distribute narcotics? I need to start thinking more like a criminal and I’ll be able to figure this all out…

“The Internet is like any other technology; its misuse can lead to creating new types of crime. The Internet has been responsible for many ills within society,” he said.

If you don’t know, it was only within the last year or two that camera phones became legal here, in The Sandbox. Until then, they could and would be confiscated and immediately destroyed. That evil technology – those evil camera phones – and now – the evil internet! Who knew technology would one day be blamed for just about everything!?!

Dr. Koman further states:

“[T]here are no clear statistics about drugs in Saudi Arabia but compared to other countries drug abuse is very low in the country, thanks to Islamic awareness and social unity.”

Yeah, okay, you can go ahead and thank “awareness and social unity,” but I am more inclined to believe it is thanks to this Country’s “deterrent program” where the mere possession of drugs presents the possibility AND probability that one will have an opportunity of getting to be close and personal with Abdullah Sa’id Al-Bishi [Heads Will Roll, June 23, 2006].

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