Friday, April 11, 2008

Child Brides

How young is too young to be married? How 'bout ten and eleven years old? Or perhaps much, much younger, like EIGHT YEARS OLD!?! These aren't marriages. These are crimes. There are people in the States who have their panties all in a wad because of some polygamous sect that allowed the marrying of underage girls to much older men, yet this same group refuses to pull their heads out of their asses and condemn any other blatantly "polygamous sect" which allows the exact same behavior! The behavior of this group has been allowed to go on for several years now, due to the fact that there wasn't enough evidence to constitute a crime [Huh? WTF?!?]. Oh well. All that really matters is that the authorities are going to put a stop - temporarily, anyway - to the followers of Warren Jeffs' lifestyle. Elsewhere in the world, a different sect that routinely practices polygamy and the marrying of children will be given a free pass by the entire mainstream media. Nary a peep will be heard condemning the insane antics of that group.

Big thanks go to my favorite blogger Weasel Zippers who posted this before I did [he's always FIRST!], and to Debbie Schlussel who stays on top of current events happening in the States that you DON'T get to read in any newspaper or see on the nightly news!

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