Wednesday, April 09, 2008 written in Arabic

Well that certainly was interesting. How I did it, I will never quite know - one way or another - how I managed to get my blog to come up in Arabic is beyond me. Quite a surprise it was to open my own blog up and find out that everything - not my blog - but Blogger itself - was entirely in Arabic! I started pressing "buttons" up top - and started clicking - both right and left - and somehow managed to get Blogger to show a language screen that offered me a gazillion choices of different languages and I managed to reset everything to English. Yes, I know, I know... I've taken a couple of Arabic classes - well, three, now - two conversational and one to learn my Arabic alphabet and to write very, very BASIC words - but I am not nearly good enough to be able to use Blogger in Arabic. So, all fixed, now! Don't know what keys I must have hit to get it to come up in Arabic and don't know all of the keys I hit to fix it, so if it ever happens again, I'm going to have to just play with each screen to find out what to do to correct it. Oh, well... Just one more thing to try to get me to throw my towel in here, I guess.

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  1. Usually whenever I check out Blogger sites it comes up in Japanese.


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