Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paperwork, SEX and WINE

DH has asked me to refrain from saying some of the things I really, really want to say until some retirement paperwork is complete and the money has been safely deposited... No sense risking that, so for the duration - until everything is complete - mum is the word.

Except... I have got to say that Miss Michigan muslim wining the Miss USA pagent irks the heck out of me. Of course, now that we all know such a pious muslim woman is also a pole dancing queen... [I'm on a computer that isn't letting me do cut and pasting - for whatever reason - so I can't get the link to work - but it's all over the interwebs - just google it.] Oh, sure. Someone try to tell me that everyone sins and that everyone makes mistakes. Not everyone is quite as hypocritical as one particular religion cult, though. [Don't even bother commenting and trying to tell me that I am being prejudiced or judgmental. This is MY blog. I am home now. I can say whatever I want and if you don't like what you're reading, then go somewhere else.] Miss Oklahoma didn't win because of her answer about Arizona. We all know that. It is "Carrie Prejean II." Miss Oklahoma is a stunning beauty! Much, much prettier than Miss muslim whose win was bought and paid for by her relatives. All part of a terrorist network, by the way. Debbie Schlussel has the whole scoop. [Can't link...] The win was also political correctness gone mad. It will be interesting to see what all comes out of that and to see if she gets stripped of the crown she is not deserving of. Oh. And, it will be interesting to see if a fatwa gets put on her head. I mean, after all, what self-respecting muslim woman would parade herself in front of the entire world in a bikini! Pfft. [I didn't watch the pagent. I did see, somewhere, that Miss muslim stumbled after her win. Regret missing that - but since she didn't actually fall... I bet along with being a pole dancing queen she is also a heavy drinker. Ut-oh. She better watch out. She'll be giving muslim women all over the world a bad name.]

Have set up a new blog site. As soon as I get the kinks worked out I'll link it and then everyone can visit me at my new "home."

Truly I appreciate all of the well wishes and the HUGE welcome back to the States. I think I'm finally on the right time zone, now, and that life is getting back to normal. As normal as it can be when you don't have a home and don't know where you're going to live, next, and don't have jobs, or a vehicle [yet], and all that kind of daily life details. Wine. Wine helps a lot. Sterling. Alexander Valley. Louis.M.Martini. It is all good! I no long have to refer to it as grape juice. I can call it wine. And, as Linda said in a comment, I can actually spell SEX and do not have to type "xes" ever again. Not that I have anything to say about SEX right now, but to know that I am not being censored and that I won't be blocked from my own blog by typing "WINE" or "SEX" sure feels nice...


  1. Sex and wine and rock and roll! Going to Debbie Schlussel's house now, ciao....

  2. Glad you are settling in and enjoying some US freedoms again. All the stuff, like house, car, job, will fall into place. Enjoy the journey to each of them.

    Right Truth

  3. Candy is dandy, but SEX won't rot your teeth!

  4. Just feels good to actually type "sex" again, vermindust and Findalis! I got so used to typing "xes" that it seemed normal. It is NOT!

    Ahh, yes. Freedoms, Debbie! You cannot imagine... You just cannot imagine...

  5. Shoot, and I was hoping you had something to say about xes...

  6. All my xes live in Texas...



  7. http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/202512.php
    Nothing to do with whiskey or sex, but something i'd like to do just south of the texas border.

  8. Welcome home ma'am. I hope you and DH will truly enjoy all the fruits of your labors AND find the time to enjoy the country you now find as home! We love you here. Way more than they can ever love you in the Sandbox.

    When you have a chance, tell it like it is.......


  9. "XES" ? That's INGENIUS !!!

  10. Hope they haven't succeeded in silencing you after all!


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