Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We Made It!

We are home!!! The United States of America! We made it. My gosh, what a long, long trip it was. Thirty-one hours? Longer? We left Saudi at 7:30P on Monday night. We arrived at the home we will be staying at until we find a home last night at 8P - or 3A Saudi time - Tuesday.

The Kids did just fine considering the ordeal. This has all happened so fast and the last couple of weeks with packing, inventory and movers - then the trip - which, by the way I did by myself - DH will be home in a few days - he had to finish some paperwork - it has all just been one big whirlwind. Some of it has not quite "sunk in." I am exhausted, both physically and mentally. The next couple of days are going to be "down time" for me. I need it. Down time and wine. Lots of wine!

This blog will switch over to Stilettos in the States. Expect that soon. Oh, don't think for a skinny minute I don't have some things to say about my life for the past seven years... I do. Some of it may not be all good, either. I bit my tongue while I lived there. I don't have to bite my tongue and keep quiet about what life was REALLY like in Saudi Arabia ever again.


  1. Welcome Home!!!
    Can't wait to hear about the trip and your 'real' life in Saudi Arabia.
    God Bless America!

  2. Glad that you and your two pets arrived safely home!

  3. Glad you and the kids made it home safe!!
    Can't wait to read what you really think about the sandbox!!


  4. Glad you finally made it home. So will you be staying home now? No going back to the sand?

    Enjoy your freedom, the US hasn't gone Sharia yet but give Obama time.

    Right Truth

  5. Welcome. And I hope re-immersion goes well.

  6. Welcome back!

    I'll be interested to see your reactions.

    Rob @ Joshuapundit

  7. Can't wait to read your future posts!

  8. Get your free speach moments in quick, Sabra, while you're still allowed. "Redistribution of speech" Kagan may leave you a narrow window in which to say these things. Perhaps the Wine Recovery phase should be stretched out for three years, but i am looking forward to your post-theocracy debriefings.

  9. Welcome Home!!!!
    Lifting a beer to your return.
    Isn't it great to be able to say things like "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights...?"
    After you rest, go drive the fastest automobile you can get your hands on, and call me in the morning.
    I hope DH has a safe trip home.

  10. Welcome home Sabra! Glad you made back safely. Look forward to reading about your experiences in the sandbox.

  11. Welcome home! Hope DH makes it home safe and sound too. Rest up, enjoy. I look forward to reading Stilettos Unplugged (Unheeled?) in due course!

    From a long time lurker

  12. Welcome home. Glad all when fine. Looking forward to hearing all you couldn't say while in Saudi Arabia.


  13. Glad you and the Kids made it home safely. Won't it be fun to type s e x instead of xes?:-)I'll be flying home in 10 days for a month to see parental units and some of the kids and kidlets. Border's Books. Shorts and tank tops in public. Fighting traffic. oh my ;-) Rest up well my friend. I am looking forward to the new perspective.

  14. Yay! Welcome Home! Looking forward to your future posts. Have missed ya!


  15. Welcome home! Hope that you can relax, unwind and have lots of wine.

  16. Welcome Home.

    Sorry we've made such a mess of the place since you've been away, but we're trying to at least partially fix it during this fall's elections.

    Looking forward to reading the truth about the sandbox. I spent a couple of weeks each in Turkey and Egypt traveling by myself, and even in that short amount of time, the absence of women in public was striking. In Turkey I twice saw men striking woman on the street in broad daylight, and as a westerner, I had to curb my protective impulses to intervene, lest I wind up in prison myself.

    Welcome Home again.


  17. Good for you - no more Cheetohs made with sheep's milk and now you can enjoy a big ol' bag of pork rinds without committing "haram."

  18. Welcome Home!

    Hey! You get to operate a motor vehicle, show your face in public, and drink like a fish now!

  19. Welcome home!
    Can't wait to hear what ya really think.

  20. Welcome back to the world!

    Now you can surf the whole intertubes, and Dicks place too.

  21. Yeah, what KurtP says!
    we need you at

  22. Welcome home to the most wonderful country in the world!

  23. welcome back and I'm waiting for your "real" report on how was living in Saudi (I think something close to hell)

  24. Welcome home all


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