Friday, May 30, 2008

Cold Water Wash Season IS Over!

A friend of mine and I were having coffee one morning outside, sitting in her amazingly cool bougainvillea covered terrace and she said, "Well, I guess cold water wash season is over." Yep. It is. There is no more cold water, here, in The Sandbox. Actually, there hasn't been cold water for a couple of months, but it was at least cool or tepid until a few weeks ago. Water coming directly from the "cold" tap is probably around 90 or 91 degrees [which happens to be the temperature of our pool, right now, and that is how I am "scientifically" measuring the temperature of the tap water]. If you have "darks" or "delicates" which need to be washed in cold water, you are tough out of luck, unless you are going to use refrigerated water and who has time to bottle salt-water and refrigerate it until it is cooled? Yeah. Not happening in this household. We just won't be wearing anything "dark" or "delicate" until October.

We had a lazy morning at this household yesterday and the Kids and I didn't get out for our walk first thing like we usually do. When I took the trash out late mid-morning, I just decided "Gee, it isn't that bad out here, and if we just meander along the side streets and try to stay in the grassy cool areas, we could go for our w
alk, now." So I put my walking shoes on and leashed up the Kids and we headed out. Big mistake. It really, really was hot out there and even in the cool grass under the trees, it was almost unbearable for them. I got caught, too, by the "dog guru" here on our Compound; she drove by and yelled at me out of her car window that we should not be out at this time of day. Needless to say, our late-morning jaunt was a short one. The Boy was hot - and he can usually take the heat - he lays out in the sun with me for hours; The Baby probably thought I was trying to kill her, being outside in the heat and humidity when she has a curly black coat!

We all headed back to the comfort of the air-conditioning. Ahh. Phew. [Air conditioning is a necessity here. If your air conditioner breaks be
tween the months of April and October it is considered an emergency and a crew will immediately be dispatched to get it back up and running no matter what time of day it is when you call.] I don't know why I felt as though I couldn't take a day off from work - being a professional tanner, there are NO days off - so I headed out to the pool. The water is NOT even refreshing. Sure, the water is cooler than the air but because the water is so warm right now, and with the heat and humidity, I was only able to "work" for a couple of hours before I too, had to head back inside to the comfort of the air-conditioning. Usually I don't complain about the heat. Honestly, the heat, when dry, does not feel the same as humid heat [another very "scientific" observation on my part]. We do get some humidity here, but not usually until late August and early September, so it is very strange for us to be experiencing such humid weather, right now.. How hot was it, yesterday? Here's how hot it was:


  1. Oh yes! We've been enjoying solar heated water in Dubai for a couple of weeks now.

    Because the buildings here are built to European plans, the cold water tank is outside and the hot water tank is inside the house and insulated. So, yes, we do have cold water in summer, it just comes out the hot water tap.

    Confuses the hell out of the visitors!!!

  2. ...makes all the sense in the world, Rose. Yep. Build houses in the Middle East to European standards. Honestly, that's just typical, isn't it?

    At least YOU have cold water! [Is your tap water drinkable or do you have separate taps for "sweet water" and "regular water?" "Sweet water" being drinkable, and "regular" being salt water.]


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