Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm Doing It!

Oh my gosh. I must have shamed myself. I've been busy cleaning the garage. Did I take "before pictures?" Nope. Would of, should of, and could of. But, didn't. Will take "after" pictures though. Now, if anyone one wants to come in and take or steal "stuff," they'll be able to do so, neatly, precisely, and without getting hurt. When I did a post about being "Safe and Secure" earlier this week, I lied. The reason no one tried to come into our garage to steal anything - beside the fact that Security would have been all over 'em - is because they didn't want to take the chance of being seriously injured just trying to GET into the garage. Not any more.

Come on in. Take what you want. Ha! Go ahead and try to steal something from my garage. You'll just have to know my system. And, damn! DH has to clean up HIS stuff, too!!! Seems to me that his "other job," his golfing, gets in the way of doing things that are so much more constructive. As I have stated previously, I was always able to come up with a plethora of excuses as to why I hadn't been out there working to clean the mess up, either. "DW" [Dear Wife"] is going to put her foot down, now, though. And I'll be doing what I do best. Which is bitching about anything and everything. But, damn it! I want that garage cleaned!!!

If we can just sell or get rid of all of the stuff we're ready to eliminate - then we will finally, and for the FIRST time EVER, be able to park the truck in the garage. Anyone want to buy a wheelbarrow? A purple bike with flat tires? An old futon? A croquet set? TV tables? [They're the nice ones, you know, the solid wood, butcher block kind that fold flat to store under the couch. Used twice.] How 'bout two brushed nickel lamps with purple faux alligator, ostrich, leather and feather beaded lampshades? Yeah. Nice. Very nice. And, sexy too. Nothing says "sex in the bedroom" better than tacky lampshades... 100 Riyals [$26.80] each for the lamps. I paid a LOT more for them than that when I originally purchased them. Hey. What can I say. I was buying "romance and ambiance" for the bedroom. Photos to follow - tomorrow? ...of a clean, neat and perfectly organized garage. Umm, except for the part DH has to take care of. Expect photos showing that mess all cleaned and organized in about four and a half years - when we are getting ready to leave The Sandbox to head home, to the States.


  1. Good job! Maybe you could have a garage sale.

    I do enjoy your posts.

  2. Oh, geez, Kathleen. A yard sale just sounds like so much work. [Ahh, not really. Work was cleaning the garage!]

    We have a website on our compound where you can list stuff to sell. I'm going to try that first. If it doesn't sell - yeah - yard sale. And if that doesn't work - it will all be on the side of the curb...


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