Saturday, May 17, 2008


We had a completely uneventful weekend in The Sandbox, insofar as rocks and toilet paper being thrown into our pool. We did have quite a bit of wind though - yesterday morning was extremely pleasant sitting outside - in the warm breeze. Although the wind wasn't strong enough to kick up "schmalls" [dust storms], it did throw quite a bit of "dust" or sand into the pool. The pool is an absolute mess today. No, we do not have brown grout in our tiled pool. That is dirt. Thank goodness the pool guy comes today!

This is what an almost clean garage looks like. There is still some work to be done, and DH really, really needs to do his part - and yes, he IS busy working this week [not on the golf course], but his reprieve isn't going to last through next weekend when he's done working. I did not take pictures of his tool area or his work area - no way they are ready to be photographed. But here are photos of MY incredible efforts to get the garage cleaned up once and for all. All the "stuff" that's sitting in the middle of the garage? Well, that's going to get posted on the community website and hopefully will get sold. [Aren't those purple lamp shades just absolutely gorgeous? Yeah. What was I thinking when I bought them?!?]

I posted last week about the "canine nutrition" which I ordered from The Honest Kitchen at the recommendation of Rachel Lucas, that someone in Customs thought was drugs - or something - when the packages were slashed open and thrown back into the box. The Kids weren't overly impressed with the food the first time it was served to them - they did eventually eat it [there are a million starving dogs in India... eat your dinner...]. The Boy seems to really be liking it now, and licks his bowl almost completely clean!!! The Baby? She's still not quite sure about it; oh, she'll eat it because her choice is to eat it and not be hungry or let her Big Brother eat it and starve.

The Honest Kitchen is going to save me hours and hours and hours of time that I can be outside working on my tan [oncologists need jobs, too!] instead of in the kitchen slaving over a stove making the Kids' food. I
had a really nice conversation with Christin at The Honest Kitchen's a few days ago and she was incredibly helpful. She calculated exactly how much food I was going to need so that I could order an entire years worth of food and have it shipped over when we do our big yearly shipment to ourselves AND she gave me the information for a 30% off coupon which I can use through the end of this month! I won't be shipping the years worth of food over here until later this summer when we make our trip to the States, but I'm going to ship it to my Mom's and have her store it for us until we get there. I used the 15% off coupon from Rachel's site to order 20 pounds of food which I sent to the hotel a friend in the States is currently at and he will hand-carry it back to us this week so we can by-pass the assholes in customs this time.

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