Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Computer Issues

Have to use a laptop right now. Big problem for me. I know many absolutely luv their laptops. I can barely type on it. Posting has been slow to non-existent and will be until I am reconnected with my big desk top... I really, really struggle with the laptop... I am seriously technically challenged. Cannot even figure out how to use my new IPod. Will take it to the states with me next month so that one of my little nine-year-old nephews can show me how to download Rush. How sad is that?!!


  1. Not so sad for those of us who were not born with a laptop from the womb. My granddaughter(14 now) was 5 when she showed me the wonders of Ctrl+Alt+Dele. I had no clue how to unfreeze until she showed me. I thought I had broken the computer.

  2. Rush? What else are you going to add to the iPod?

  3. I love my laptop, but the keyboard does take some getting use to. It is smaller than the desktop keyboard I think.

    I've had IBM, Dell, and Compaq and I have had troubles with all of them. Hubby purchased a Mac Book Pro for himself and loves it. He says he will never buy a pc again, table top or laptop.

    Right Truth


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