Friday, February 05, 2010

Some Quick Loathing

If you loathe with every fiber of your being the jugearedjackass currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as much as I do and if you only read one thing today, read this. Matthew pretty much covered it. Very well said! The actual feeling that I have about the man AND the current administration is NOT the same as Matthew feels about him. However, Matthew summarizes quite succinctly a few ways in which the jeja could begin an upward swing toward improvement. He won't of course. Narcissist's are just not capable of doing anything but for themselves.

My only comment would be to this: "Perhaps if you did these things, you might finally 'change the tone' in Washington." Have to disagree with you on that one little issue, Matthew. I don't know if there is anyone else who wants to see this man AND his policies fail as much as I do. He had his chance. He has had an entire year of chance. There is only one way to "change the tone" in Washington and that is to eliminate the jeja and his co-horts nancy and harry [along with many others]. One way or another. Just wipe the slate clean. Start over. Keep Michelle Bachmann and John Boehner. Oh, and Tom Coburn and John Barrasso. Maybe even Scott Brown - we will just have to wait and see what he is going to do before I'm ready to opine on him one way or another. Anyone else we should keep? Dayum. Out of all of them it is a pathetically short list.


  1. Okay, let me explain what I'm about here. I don't actually hate Obama the Man, or even democrats, I just disagree with their worldview and the policies that flow from that retardation. Yes, it becomes personalized in people like Nancy, Harry and Barry, but I bear them no personal emnity, and if the Prez says he's interested in getting people to simmer down and work together, then I'm all for that. So long as the end result is something that benefits the nation, is constitutional, and keeps the Revenooers out of my pockets and the Busybodies out of my life.

    I just want him to make the first moves. And the most obvious ones.

    This doesn't mean that I want a healthcare monstrosity, or any other government horror show that isn't designed to benefit me (the White, Christian, Productive, Heterosexual Male) but which expects me to pay for it to the benefit of people who hate my guts. It doesn't mean that I want to see Barack Obama re-elected, because frankly, he should never have been elected to begin with.

    But, at some point the nonsense has to stop, and since Barry has asked for people to be a bit politer, it is encumbent upon him to make overt, concrete moves towards that Holy Grail. I've simply given him a few helpful suggestions.

    I have absolutely no confidence whatsoever that he will follow any of that sage advice but then again I wasn't exactly convinced he was telling the truth to begin with. People who were earnest and sincere would just do, not go before the TV camneras and complain.

    His real concern is not so much civilty as that the criticism hurts his precious little feelings.

    As far as Bachman, Boehner, Coburn, et. al., it is exactly that sort of loser lineup that got republicans into trouble, and I don't think we need more of them, no matter how much they pose and posture with Tea Partiers, or suddenly find that Tea Party religion.

    They're just as bad as Nancy and Harry...

  2. You can explain all you want, Matthew. Not that after such a succinct piece you need to. The additions to what you wrote - were all mine. No one is accusing you of hating the man or democrats. I don't hate all of them. I do hate a few of them and one of them in particular. That is me, though. And, without giving it a lot more thought other than what I perceive to be the ONLY iota of sanity the whole lot of them have insofar as Michelle and John, et al, you are likely quite right as to that is why we are where we are. However, given the opportunity to NOT do it the "good ole boy way it has always been done way" I suspect we could at least start with them.

  3. I'd personally start witht he premise that if you've spent a decade in Washington, that was nine-and-a-half years too long, and you should go.

    If this Tea Party movement ever achieves any two things, it should be these:

    a) Term limits, because no one should be able to make a (lucrative) career out of elective office, and

    b) a return to a simpler, less-invasive and more constitutionally-restarined Federal Government.

    After that, I could care less about personalities and ideologies; we already have far too much of both in our political process.

  4. Hiya, Visiting you from Dogette's place. Had to see who you were after addressing one of your comments there. So you used to live in the old north state? That is where I live :)
    Take care - Patti in NC (Go Heels)

  5. I second Matthew's a) and b) suggestions.

    Sabra, you need to use the correct monikers for Nancy and Harry; The Pineapple Princess and Prince Pinky Reid.

  6. I think both sides need to accept some blame for the deplorable lack of civility in american politics today. President B.H.Obama needs to admit he does not really care what the Republican have to say, that like all good communists he is an atheist, and that being president feels much like his first job "behind enemy lines" (Dreams of my father). Sabra needs to admit that her negligence caused a serious bicycle accident that injured her sister. I need some half-and-half and tortillas, so i am off to the market. Ciao.


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