Saturday, February 27, 2010

There is a sign...

In a ladies room that reads: "Do not put clothing or other items in the toilet." What?! Really?? Has it been a problem in the past? What kind of items were you finding in the toilet? Clothing. Were women actually putting clothing in the toilet? I know - laundry. Someone was using it for laundry.

Yes. Of COURSE I took a picture. I'll post the picture as soon as I am reconnected with the behemoth desk top - Wednesday or Thursday. Unless I can find a child to help me do it on this - the laptop.

Do not put clothing in the toilet. Well, okay, then. I won't. Not now. Not now, anyway, since I've seen the sign and been instructed not to do so.


  1. I see they've finally gotten the local women to stop DRINKING from the toilet.


  2. Sounds like the kind of thing that is on my wife's hairdryer. It says, "do not use while sleeping" Really? I have always wanted to do that. Guess I can't cause it tells me not too. Darn and double darn.


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