Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A little misleading. But, I told you so.

The headline says, "Riyadh students attack teachers inside class." No where in the short article though is there any mention of a teacher actually being attacked. Threatened that they would be attacked but not attacked. Instead, the students vandalized vehicles owned by the teachers. Nice. No word yet from Sabria Jawhar about how the teachers should just take "the high road" and forgive the students for damaging property. Give it time for a report of a teacher actually being assaulted. Like I said, happens every year. Of course it is not the student's fault for having to cheat to take exams because holding someone personally responsible isn't an option. [Happens in the States, too - lack of personal responsibility. Not saying that that is something confined to this side of the world. Although I don't specifically recall hearing of reports where teachers were beat up because they gave out a bad grade.]

That couple who were almost forced to get a divorce? They won't have to, after all. Some sanity prevails albeit often minimal. They will be reuinted in a couple of days after being separated. The case has lingered through the court system for FOUR years! Why? Because the woman's half-brother thought he knew what was best for her and decided that her husband, who she was happily married to, was tribally incompatible. Rights for women in the Sandbox? What rights?!! And, they think that someday they will be able to drive? That is just never going to happen.


  1. And so, her half-brother won't be shamed by having lost face and a court case? She'd better watch her back. Or do they have that sort of fear there, too?

  2. If they do, JoA, and it wouldn't come as a surprise to find out that honor killings take place, here, then it is kept quiet enough so that it doesn't make the local "English" news.

  3. Probably a case of insufficient dowry, and the half-brother is thinking he got taken to the cleaners for selling her so cheaply.

    Hey Sabra, are the Council squads patrolling the shops looking for evil, foriegn Valentine's Day candy and tearing up anything red on the shelves? I seem to recall that happening the last two years, and i makes me so mad i wanna punch my teacher, y'know?


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