Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Just Another Day...

My goodness. A report of an iman getting caught with some 50 p0nr0graphic video clips on his mobile phone? The irony. How many lashes is that going to be worth? This particular situation is going to require follow-up. Oh, please. The man is a primary school teacher and imam who was "arrested on charges of indulging in sorcery" when the "movies" were found on his phone. Those pesky mobile phones! He has also been "accused of sheltering and having under his sponsorship an Arab national who engaged in sorcery and practiced it inside [a] mosque." Kudos to Saudi Gazette for having the kahones to publish the man's nationality.

A man has been sentenced to 30 lashe
s for entering a girls' school. He is an Arab national who told the judge "he only wanted to enroll his daughter in the school." I can't muster up the right amount of snark for this. I'll just shake my head and mutter under my breath. The mindset that every single male in this country has some ulterior motive when it comes to the opposite xes is nothing shy of sheer astonishment.

That little 12-year-old girl married to an 80-year-old pedophile? The one who was going to have to testify before a judge before her divorce could be granted? Yeah, that one. "Not so fast, young lady!" You are going to remain married to that man who is SIXTY-EIGHT YEARS YOUR SENIOR whether you like it or not. Why? Reading between the lines, sounds to me like she is - oh, how to put this delicately? - damaged goods, now. The little girl's mother says that the child was raped by the old man. Hmmph. Imagine that. All kidding aside, there is no way you cannot not feel sorry for the little girl. The child's father got 85,000 riyals for selling his daughter to his cousin. Yep. Sold his child - his baby - a little girl - into the xes trade to his cousin for $22,788.20. Arab News reports that the case "has attracted a lot of interest." Gee. 'Ya think?! Hang in there little girl. The man is 80. According to this, the man has already outlived his life expectancy by your age. He can't possibly be around too much longer...

Who would have guessed that over half of a partic
ular demographic of marriages would end in divorce? A rather stunning statistic, if you ask me. Must be something that has to do with the specific wedding hall where more than "50 percent of marriages celebrated... in 2008 have ended in divorce." Some of those "marriages had ended even before their first anniversary." Wow. You mean when marriages are arranged, and the bride and groom have never met, that they don't work out? No. Yep. Tis true. Adnan Al-Khudairi, a family counselor, says "the high rate of divorce could be attributed to a number of factors including 'surprise marriages' in which the couple only see each other on the night of the wedding." Hard to believe. And this - which won't hit the radar of womens' rights groups anywhere because it isn't a part of a political agenda - said by the same man - "Some wives are so high maintenance that their husbands may not be able to make them happy." [Emphasis, mine.] He said what?! Surely it has nothing to do with the fact that there is no way that an 80-year-old man is going to be able to keep a little 12-year-old girl happy. Happy happy happy. [Oh my gosh. Just imagine the lefty reaction if Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity said something like that! We'd be able to power rockets to the moon with the outrage.]

A trip to the Commissary this morning... Had to turn the beo-tch switch back on. No parking. Anywhere. Why? Because it rained. All of the men who typically ride their bikes to work drove cars, today. I jest. The only men who ride bikes, here in the Sandbox, are the houseboys. The adult men drive SUV's and Mercedes. I parked as far as possible away from the Commissary without actually leaving our compound. As I was walking the half-mile to the store I stopped to chat with two Security Guards standing at the edge of the parking lot smoking cigarettes. Caught them both off "guard" by asking why they were allowing so many cars to park in the Commissary parking lot as they stood - directly underneath the sign that says "ONE HOUR PARKING ONLY." "Oh, we cannot do anything. We are taking a break." Yeah, I see that, but someone needs to do something. "You must talk to the Commissary manager." Umm hmm. Sure. Like he can do anything about it. If he could, he would, but he can't. Thanks for your help, fellas. Get back to your smoke break. Oh, by the way. Smoking is bad for your health.

I immediately went to find one of the manager's at the Commissary and told him that the entire parking lot was full and that there were NO parking spaces. NONE! He said he would go over to see his supervisor who just happened to be in a meeting in a neighboring building. The problem will never be resolved. At this point, after seven years, here, I should know better. No sense even complaining about it.

Remember those Cheetos that I bought and paid $9.11 a bag for? Today I bought two bags of chips and paid that much. Sometimes that is just the cost of living on this side of the world and there is nothing you can do about it. Accept it. Pay the price.

For a couple of weeks I've had a craving for chips and cheese dip or hot sauce. Finally! So what that I paid $24.00 for a couple of bags of chips? 44.95 riyals - round it off - 45 riyals per bag! $12.06, each. Outrageous. Just simply outrageous. Tonight we are going to enjoy them with the "proper" accompanying beverage.

That white sticker? Just a list of the ingredients.

A sticker pretty much guaranteed to be reserved for placing smack dab over either the directions for mixing and the list of ingredients required OR the cooking instructions. Sometimes you get really lucky. The sticker covers both.


Beef Stew:

The news from the other side of the world certainly isn't worthy of a happy dance [the same happy dance that little 12-year-old girl is doing, being married to an 80-year old pedophile!]. What the jugearedjackass and his co-horts are doing to America. When is enough going to finally be enough? What is it going to take?!! I need to quit watching Glenn Beck. I can't. It is like a car accident. You don't want to look, but you have to. Glenn is right in so so many ways. And, as much as I hate to admit it, the blame cannot be placed squarely on the shoulders of one man [the jeja]. Several administrations are responsible. Progressives. I foresee another "north south" kind of situation is likely going to be necessary to do the clean up. Just seeing what is happening and going on - right in front of our eyes - makes my head want to explode! Passing the buck. "I didn't do it. Congress did." Liar in chief is what he is. Along with a jugearedjackass. Someone explain to me what he was doing bowing to a Florida major! Unfreakingbelievable. Whatever. I am thankful that health care hasn't been shoved all the way up our butts and that plastic surgeons prevailed with regard to a special tax. Give it time. They are not done yet. If they can realize just a little more revenue by squeezing that last molecular particle of blood out of a taxpayer, it is going to happen.

Oh, and just for giggles, someone explain to me why it is that if you hate the jugearedjackass as much as I do - which, I never thought even remotely possible - that I must be racist and hate blacks? My own sister thinks that! My own sister. [She and her husband voted for "him," and we've taken their kids out of our Will. Petty? Maybe. But what the phukk. Let the jeja and his policies take care of them like he promised. Let us know how that works out for you, Sis!] We have a multi-race family!!! No. I don't hate him because he is black. I have said it before and I'll say it again, I don't care what color he is. I care what he is doing to MY country! And he, along with a handful of others, are ruining it!!! But, it has nothing to do with him being a HALF black man. Really. It doesn't.


  1. Maybe the divorce rate is higher because the triple-text message makes it convenient. "i dvrc u", CC her mom. And sending it three times is almost as easy as voting three times in Chicago, so easy even a twelve year old can read it.
    Meanwhile, your sister will go to her grave insisting that she did not make a mistake. The more obvious it become over the years the more shrill she shall shriek "RACIST" at you. Sorry, but there hain't no cure for the summertime blues.

  2. When anyone calls me 'racist' vis-a-vis the Obamatard, Sabra, I remind them that he's half white,too.

    They seem to forget that a lot. Funny, but 10 years ago, both Je$$e and Al would have said that Obama wasn't "authentically black" because he was half-white, got good grades (we think) and could speak without dropping a few motherf*ckers, or the other great, urban colloquialism, "you know what I'm sayin'?", typically used in place of a comma. Amazing how quickly they embraced him when it looked like he could actually win.

    Yeah, that half-white thing was forgotten virtually overnight.

  3. Just so you know. That "blue corn" crap is is variety that used to be only grown as cattle and pig food.

  4. Good to know, Dick, that I paid $12.00 for a bag of corn meant for cattle and pigs.

  5. Your last paragraph not only makes total sense to me (the will stuff, too) but I must add a hearty "PREACH IT, SISTAH."


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