Monday, August 03, 2009

$9.11 for Cheetos. Cheetos!

Not buying them again. Not here. Ever. Last night I opened one of the bags I bought a week ago and was munching on them. No idea what prompted me to look at the price - the little sticker that said SR34.00 - but I noticed that the price of them if I would have bought them in the States is $3.99. That is printed right on the bag. Here? 34 Riyals. $9.11. Nine dollars for a bag of Cheetos?!! Robbery. That's what that is. I bought three bags. I spent $27.33 on Cheetos! Cheetos!!! Did I realize it when I bought them - no - of course not. Do you honestly think I would have paid $9.11 for a bag of Cheetos? Live and learn.

Successful quick trip downtown this morning. We almost got killed. Twice. Believe me when I tell you that there is a whole lot more PCRC than what is reported in the papers, here. Oh yeah. A lot more. How the guy driving the little delivery truck didn't get killed - and get us killed at the same time - is beyond me. Asshole in some big four-door sedan came up behind him flashing his headlights like he was on the way to a fire or something and pushed the guy in the delivery truck into OUR lane. My right hand could not help itself and flew up to the window to give Mr. Asshole a one-finger salute. Then a cab driver did a U-turn at the mall and almost t-boned us. Never even checked to see if there was a car there - us - before he pulled that little manuver. Jerk.

Of course if someone who orders uniforms had done his job correctly we never would have had to go downtown to begin with - well, that's not really true - we needed an ink cartridge for our printer, too. DH gets three new uniforms every year - shirts, pants, a belt and shoes. Company provides them. Last week he came home with a pair of shoes and I opened the box and had to laugh. They are a man's size 7. What man wears a size 7? A boy - child - wears a size 7. Not someone that is 6'4" tall for goodness sake. What they told DH when they gave them - the shoes - to him is that that is all they got so DH was supposed to go to some particular shoe store at the mall I absolute hate - Rasheed - and exchange them for the proper size. So that's where we went this morning. Did they have DH's size? Of course not. DH is going to take them back and tell his manager that someone isn't doing their job. Order the right size - that's on his "form" next time. I know. It was much, much easier for someone to order 100 pairs of the same size than to actually figure out that he needed different sizes for the 100 different pilots. You know, like ten pairs of size 10, fifty pairs of size 11, twenty-five pairs of size 11 1/2, fourteen pairs of size 12 and one size 13. Whatever. Lazy. That's what it comes down to.

Before we went downtown I had to go get my new ID. My appointment was for 9A. I left the house at 8:45, got there at 8:55, checked in, relinquished my old ID and sat and waited for twenty minutes - watching all sorts of people that came in after me getting their ID's. I finally got up and went back to find out why I hadn't been called to get my new ID yet. The man at reception said, "You have not been called yet?" No. Why do you think I am still sitting here? Because I am enjoying watching the big-screen TV in Arabic? Duh. Who knows what the problem was, but I want to know what the point of making an appointment is when you don't bother adhering to your own schedule anyway? I got called thirty seconds later - after I said I wanted my expired ID back and that I would make another appointment because I had better things to do than sit and wait when no one is bothering to assist those of who had made appointments anyway and since no one ever asks for my ID it doesn't really matter whether it is current or not. That statement was not well received.

I do believe it is time for me to take a vacation from this place... When your attitude starts getting in the way - it is time for a hiatus. Unfortunately that is not possible just now.


  1. It is $9.11 for Special K also. Has been for a few months now. It used to 12.50 SR for a box of Special K. Then *WHOOSH*! 34 SR. No thanks. Close to 10 bucks for a box of cereal I can get for less than $4 in the US. Not paying it. Which is why I now bring about 8 boxes whenever I go to the US. Ridiculous.

  2. Maybe you need to start munching on dates or some of their pastries.

    I am afraid that you are going to get in trouble on one of those shopping expeditions.

  3. Ouch. The drivin is extreme here. but over time U get used the the crazyness. Its sorta .. predictable.
    Trucks normally have selected times during which they are allowed on the Highway, but beign no one to enforce it, they just come along. Or mayb that truck was a smaller one

    LOL I hate all malls. The worst is Rashid. Sadly the only Subway branch IS there :S. So I end up goin there...

    Cheetos were good. I thnk they have too color now. Now the Yoki [or something like that] are pretty good.

  4. I'm going to have to start paying more attention to prices, Linda. I'll have to see what we are paying for Corn Flakes...

    Kat - the pastries here? Oh my gosh! It is part of the reason I've managed to put on so much "happiness" weight here. Keep me away from the pastries. You CANNOT eat just one...

    There is a Subway at Dhahran Mall, too, crazy jogger. Ate there a couple of weeks ago... So you are not just stuck with Rashid. No argument from me that the driving is extreme here. And, do you really get used to is? How?!! It was one of those really small delivery trucks that is so "narrow" it looks like it could topple over on its side. I did see the sign you are talking about yesterday - but I don't think the "van/truck" I described could actually be considered a truck.

  5. Subway at MoD. Hmm. Its walkin distance but I need to b accompanied by family. So Meh. but I didnt knw that since I havnt been inside there for a long time.

    Yeah. Been drivin for 4 years now. Most basic rule is let the *king* of the road have his way if he has a btter car or Saudi.

    Ahan. Like those high pickup trucks with a huge box on the back! They dont have restrictions unfortunatley


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