Tuesday, August 04, 2009

"...may face death..."

No one on this side of the world is taking the matter of Saudi's "Casanova" lightly. He may face the death penalty for his foolish braggadocio. His crime? Hiraba or hirabah. Who knew?! According to the article in one of today's papers, hiraba is "defined as waging unlawful warfare (in speech or action) against the state and society." Well. Okey-dokey, then. The punishment for this "class of crime known as hadd" is death. Naturally, by beheading.

The man, Abdul Jawad, who went on television - some show I have never heard of - and openly discussed his many xesual conquests has been arrested, along with two accomplices who also appeared on the program with him. It would appear as though they are "facing a potentially lesser charge of publicizing vice." There is a fourth man involved in all of this, but he has not yet been arrested and authorities are on the look-out for him. Interestingly enough, "the fourth suspect's brother" was detained "as he was boarding a flight to Cairo." [Can't find the man you're looking for? His brother will do.] None of the other three men involved have been identified by name [or nationality].

There was a YouTube video of this and I did a quick search and found only that a video had been removed due to some copyright issue or something. I do know one person who has seen it but, frankly, I'm just not all that interested in watching it. On the program, called "Bold Red Line," Jawad says, "This is where it all happens," as he is standing in his bedroom, "which is heavily decorated in red. What a surprise. A red bedroom...

I have some pictures of furniture that has been listed for sale on a local web-site. [Never mind. I cannot get blogger to accept them - and I have tried a half dozen times. If I can get them up - they'll be posted here.]

There is a term for this decorating style. Some would call it gaudi... But then, there are probably many who would say not so nice things about my decorating style. I would argue that I have impeccable taste, though. However, beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder, right?


  1. Now i wonder how the laws are written in SA. In western culture the law would be very specific in what constitutes bad behavior, but it sounds like the local statues are very flexible according to what the judge had for breakfast. "Unlawful warfare against society" means (to me) taking a shotgun to the mall or driving 95 through the parking lot. Laws which apply the death penalty based on public opinion (or presure from whichever prince runs the Matawa this year) are caprecious, indecent and wierd. TANJ.

  2. "defined as waging unlawful warfare (in speech or action) against the state and society."
    Well. Now we have a better idea of why the women in this country aren't more vocal and demonstrative when it comes to demanding their God-given, male-taken rights.


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