Sunday, August 02, 2009

6:05 is too early!

Inom's sponsor is still on vacation. He returns this week. Thank goodness. We've had a few issues since Inom's sponsor left, getting Inom in and out to clean for us. Nothing to do with Inom, but to do with rules and regulations, here. And I understand that there have to be rules and regulations - but sometimes...

Inom has been calling us in the morning to get permission to enter the compound. He told me that his sponsor was going to be on vacation for three weeks - right before the sponsor was leaving. He asked me if he could call so that he can get the verbal permission he needs - which I have to give to Security - and I said he could, and asked him what time he was going to call. "6:15, Ma'am." No. You cannot call here at 6:15. You can call at 6:45 - but that is the very earliest.

For the first week? Worked out okay - but for the one day when they would not let him come in because he wasn't on some "list." I spent much of that morning at Security trying to get it worked out - and couldn't - but somehow Inom managed to get it worked out so that he is back on the "list." No matter. He still has to call here to be able to enter the compound. What started as a 6:45 phone call went to a 6:40 phone call the next day, and 6:35 two days later. Then it was 6:30. We had a discussion. "Do NOT call here before 6:45!" Inom said, "Yes, Ma'am."

What happened? Did you NOT understand the conversation we had last week?! Apparently not. This morning he called at 6:05!!! We had another "discussion" about it this morning which ended with my saying that we would NOT be another "discussion." Ever. Call here again at 6:05 and see what happens. I dare you...

Remember the two men who were sentenced to three years in prison and 2,000 lashes each for stealing two sheep? They were hungry and wanted to feed their families. Or something like that [I'd go back and find it if it was that important to me - it's not - I posted on it sometime ago - it's somewhere in my unorganized archives]. The men appealed their sentence. They lost. Their sentence is being upheld. Should they consider themselves lucky that they are not losing a hand? Like the guy last week who got caught stealing [no clue what it was he was stealing - the article didn't say - just said he committed "the crime of theft"]? [Yeah. I know. There's a joke in there somewhere.] Either way - seems like a pretty harsh sentence for stealing a couple of sheep. Three years is 1095 days - so that's almost two lashes a day they're going to have to receive to get their 2,000. Bet they'll never steal anything ever again.

PCRC. Several dead. A "speeding" car is actually blamed! It is a start. The car, of course, was "speeding" all on its very own. It is never the driver's responsibility fault.


  1. Well, really, since the nationality wasn't named, not too hard to guess. And we can't have any embarassment, now can we? And then there is that blood money thing. I imagine cars don't have to pay out, only people.

    As for Inom. Major communication barrier there. I am guessing because your compound is so much larger than ours, and more culturally diverse, the security regulations are more stringent. Here, security has a list of the regulars. It only gets weird when a driver changes. The result of that is something doesn't get delivered until the paper work gets cleared.

  2. Didn't I mention that we were playing "guess the nationality?" Oops. No. I didn't.

    As for Inom... Communication barrier? You know, Linda, I used to think that. Then I talked with another couple that he works for who happen to be friends of ours. I said that I thought he was slow and as dumb as a box of rocks. The woman immediately disagreed - she said "yes, he is slow, but he is much smarter than he lets on." We then had a discussion as to why she would think that and she was quite specific about some things. And, how is it that when I needed to pay him yesterday and told him to come back at 4:45 [he leaves the compound at 5] that he knew to come then? I didn't say, come back before you leave. I said come back at 5:45. He knows. It is called pushing the envelope. Can't blame him. We all do it...


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