Monday, August 03, 2009

Saudi Maids

The first group of 30 of them have jobs. They will be paid SR1,500 a month and will only have to work for eight hours a day. One of the conditions is that the male head of the household must be absent from the premises. It is a glaring double-standard. It is okay for housemaids from other countries to work much, much longer hours for a lot less pay [I think the average pay is between SR500 and SR700 per month!], with the male head of household there - but not for the Saudi maids. Why is that? I think we all know.

Interesting that the "demand for housemaids of Saudi nationality is reportedly higher than that of other nationalities due to a purported fear of foreigners 'practicing magic.'" That so many people actually believe that kind of thing amazes me. It will be even more interesting when we read the first report of a Saudi maid that has been abused. It would be fair to say that I don't see this working out very well. I'm guessing that it will end. Badly.


  1. WEll how about THAT! Saudi maids! I see this working out well. I'm surprised any mahram has allowed his woman to even consider being a maid. It is so de classe, by Saudi standards. I have read the problems of Saudi women being nurses, and in most civilized countries, nursing is a noble profession. I have also read of the problems young men have had over taking jobs in fast food.
    This ought to be good. *sarcasm off*

  2. The saudi maids are paid enough for 44 bags of cheetoes each month. This explains why the out-of-town maids are so thin.


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