Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saudi's Own "Casanova" is in Jail

Doesn't say exactly what the charges are. Doesn't matter, I guess. The crime, according to the report, although questionable, is "whether Abdul Jawad's comments constitute the crime of publicizing vice." Well, okay then. Who would have guessed that speaking about such "promiscuous acts," as he did, would be against Saudi customs? Shocking! Two of his friends were also detained. They are not identified. Moral of the story? Don't go on television and boast of your conquests regardless of whether or not there is any truth to whatever it is you're boasting of. And, for sure, don't let some producer con you into pretending that the "xes" toys he has brought with him are actually yours. Looks as if the general public is who is actually out for his blood: "Some have called for his execution..."


  1. In a country where a woman can be be arrested for wearing jeans UNDER her abiya, I think this is hysterical. Sinful has a whole new meaning here and it the meaning is warped and arbitrary. But you know what? The citizens allow it, so they get what they tolerate. No sympathy from me. None.

  2. "Some have called for his execution..."

    "Is this the same Some who want to preserve the corrupt status quo and the Some Say who challenge my authority?" -- Jeju

    Yeah, Some sure does get around, and now he has flown to SA to anonymously muddy the debate with his plausibly deniable voice. Lazy Journalists Without Borders.


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