Friday, August 14, 2009

Stimulus: Waste of Taxpayer's Money

I have no kind words for our government. None. If they were not the most useless entity in existence before January 20th of this year - and they were - it is unbelievable how much MORE useless our government has become. How is that even possible? [One word: jeja.] Spend and tax. Bleed you dry. Is this not just another foolish excuse for use of taxpayer dollars? Give every welfare recipient in NY who has "school-age" children a $200.00 bonus so that parents can buy school clothes and supplies for their children that they cannot afford to support on their own. Why would someone - David Patterson - think that the rest of the American people would want to support a bunch of welfare brat? I know I don't. Thank you very much.

An article on it here. Read some of the comments. There are quite a few who feel they are entitled to the money and there are quite a few who instead of spending the money on their children to prepare them for the upcoming school year are going to instead use it to buy HD TV's, or go on vacation, or smoke crack. One commenter, "ML" tried to say that this is being funded by someone other than the government. Dumbass. He says, "Read the article it say..." Perhaps you should re-read the article, ML, it says that government funds are being used to the tune of $140,000,000. $140,000,000! One Hundred and Forty Million Dollars being spent where there is no system in place to make sure that the money is spent on what it is intended to be spent on. Typical. Although, really, New York gets the government it deserves. They keep voting all of these fools into offices. [Yes, I know, Patterson took over when Spitzer got caught screwing around with a hooker. Patterson, however, has had his own run-ins, hasn't he? Will he be re-elected? Oh, I bet he will be. Why? Because if you don't vote for him you are a racist.]

More on this waste, here. Although I guess the waste pales in comparison to some of the other astronomical tax payer dollars wastes that our government has shoved down our throats up our butts.


  1. I'm a bit puzzled by the comments from people who say they are so poor they don't have enough money to buy food. Yes, I know there are people with such problems, but how do they pay for computers and Internet access accounts with which to post those comments?

  2. Excellent point, b@tn! Ditto for cell phones, and cable television. All the "extras."

  3. Not because your parents are on welfare means that you are a "brat"...children are innocent of the lives their parents give them...or force them to live.

  4. I spent $150 on school supplies for _4_ children. I'm positive it will not take another $650 to clothe them, particularly since it's not like they've been running around naked all summer. Where are these people shopping, cause it's sure not Wal-Mart.

  5. Coolred38 - I "miss-spoke." And no, I DO realize it is not the child's/childrens fault. You know me - but not well enough. I was a single Mom. I raised, clothed, and took care of a child with absolutely NOT A SINGLE DIME from any other taxpayer. I know you are in a situation, as well. If you think for a skinny second it was easy for me? I was NOT!


  6. Whoops. To CR38. "If you think it was easy... I was NOT!" Should be "It was NOT!."

    PIMF. I forget that. A lot.

  7. Read the comments at the links, Anonymous. You're right. They are not shopping at Walmart, Kmart or Target. They're shopping at Circuit City, Best Buy, street corner [for crack] and going to Jersey City to gamble for vacation.

    That is exactly why I don't want my FEDERAL TAX DOLLARS paying for this kind of crap.

    See my response to Coolred38, above. I never got a dime from someone to help me raise my son. I worked for it. Every single f^ckin' penny of it! And I will admit that I am incredibly resentful of paying for someone else's "brat's" when they can't afford it on THEIR own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry. Anger off, now.


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