Thursday, August 06, 2009

They Got Him

The third accomplice associated with Saudi's "Casanova." He is now in custody. He was nabbed as he was returning from Morocco. Hope he enjoyed his vacation. His life, as he knew it, is over. For a really good read on this whole debacle, head on over to Sand Gets in My Eyes - where this is equated to an "honor killing in the making." Hard to disagree with anything she - the site's author - has written. Read the comments, too. Interesting take...

You get married. You get divorced. Your ex-wife marries someone else and they have a baby - a baby girl. What do you do? Lop off your own "organ." Too funny. File under: Only in The Sandbox...

Interesting article that is quite telling about the mindset of "local" workers. They all want to be chiefs, regardless of whether or not there are any Indians.

The poor maids. Literally. They come here to work and don't get paid. No matter. Worries no one, here. Then, when they "run away," they get caught [get blamed] and end up at deportation centers. Whether or not they end up going home all depends on whether or not they have their passports. Since employers typically hold their passports - they end up in limbo. How an employer, or sponsor, can justify enslaving someone for eighteen months and not paying them is something I will never understand.


  1. Cutting off his manhood? What would he have done if she had given birth to a boy?

  2. Let's see if i can explain the Maid thing using my years of college trainning: Slavery is part of the unique cultural heritage of these indigenous people and you have no right to impose the values of the eurocentric patriarchy on their noble traditions.

  3. Cut off his manhood and his coconuts, too, Findalis? Only makes sense, right...

    I'm lerned reel gud, now, vermindust. I thunk I understood it. [Can always count on you vd to come up with something!]

  4. Went to the "third accomplice" link and saw another item that drew my attention -- "Faith healing without license."

    Wondering if there is an exam (or exams) that must be completed for such a license. Written? Orals? Practicals? Would love to know the questions, proper answers, and practicals' requirements. Heh.

  5. Damn. Somone needs to go to anger managment classes. I mean over a girl. Damn. How possessive


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