Saturday, August 01, 2009

New Game of "Life"

The Saudi version.

Go here to see it. Hilarious!

From that site, here is a sample:

I remember when my folks bought my sister and me The Game of Life. It was powerful – tho of course in a naive pre-teen sort of way. It was, I think, the first time I ever sat down and imagined the details of a life that I might some day live – how many children would I want, would I get married. Was life insurance really necessary, or should I just risk it? And what about investments and catastrophic events, and housing options, not to mention career paths!

The kicker in the game, of course, was the unknown. Pick up a “Share the Wealth Card” and suddenly you might owe half your life savings to the Tax Man. Land on one space and your house burned down, another you got a ticket or had an accident or even an unexpected pregnancy!

Yep, it was powerful back then, and I’ve an idea it could be again – with a few modifications.

In my game, the unknowns will be a little different – one card might say “your guardian refuses to sign your permission slip so you are not allowed to travel – go home and wait”. Another might read, “Your husband takes a second wife – deal with it” or “Need official paperwork but officials refuse to deal with you.”

I’m thinking a card that reads – “You just got three text messages in a row saying you are divorced” might add some spark to the game, as well.

There will, of course, be more marriage options in my game – you might choose to be a first, second, third or even fourth wife, for example. You might choose to marry someone your family deems “unacceptable” and thus be forced to get a divorce later on down the road, losing everything in the process. You can choose to be a “temporary wife”, which, of course, would be accompanied by tiny little contracts ranging from a few nights to several years. I’m not exactly sure what happens when the contracts is up. I’ll have to get back to that one, but I’m thinking a shame card might be in order…

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