Sunday, July 26, 2009

In the News Today? It's Gruesome!

Man oh man. A quick glance at the papers and YIKES! Some of it is disturbing... And, gruesome.

PCRC. Two "thieves" in a stolen car that overturned were "rushed to the hospital." In another vehicle an Egyptian man was killed and six others injured when their car overturned. And in a third accident, a bus collided with a streetlight and two people were injured.

Eleven "persons" who got caught in a raid "months ago" have been sentenced to 6-month terms of prison and 120 lashes each for being caught making booze. "The raid involved 80 personnel of the Hai'a who caught the suspects red-handed."

Four children have drowned. Four! During a family picnic. Two of the bodies have been recovered and authorities are searching for the other two. How does this happen? Four children drowning at once?!?

How does something like this happen?!! A 12-year-old boy "accidentally shot dead his nine-year-old brother [in the head] while playing with a hunting gun." Do children NOT learn that guns aren't toys, here? What an awful thing to have happened.

A woman in Makkah is "demanding an investigation into an incident where her daughter and son were stopped and questioned by staff members of the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice." And, she wants compensation because she thinks her daughter's "reputation 'was tarnished in public.'" Well at least we know what that is really all about. Money. And the report would appear to be missing some details. The girl says that she "and her brother had to sign a paper... with their names on it, as people had started to gather and they were afraid of a scandal." Who was afraid of a scandal? The people gathering or the girl and her brother? Doesn't make sense. Well, not to me, it doesnt. Put your big girl panties on. Quit whining.

Interesting that in this report the subject involved is identified by both name and nationality. Even more interesting is that his punishment is so much more severe - his right hand has been amputated - than the punishment for these two men [who are not identified by either name or nationality] who got caught in the act trying to steal a boat. This gang of thieves who stole SR36,000 [$9,651.47] worth of electronics? Any punishment? The unidentified thief who "confessed" and then "revealed the identify of his accomplices" [nationality? care to guess?!] - what was the punishment for them? Good grief. What did the Yemeni man steal [he confessed to his crime - they all do] that his right hand was cut off?

In an act of forgiveness a Saudi man has "pardoned the Indian water-truck driver who was found responsible for the death" of his son. He does not want the "blood money." He does, however want SR40,000 to compensate for the damage to his wife's car - which his son was driving. The Indian "lorry driver" will have to come up with that money "before he can be released from jail."

This father is demanding the death penalty for the killers of his son. Cannot say that I blame him. The two men, the "killers," have instead been sentenced to five years in prison and 500 lashes for the alleged murder of a 19-year-old [which, in comparison to other cases, seems mild!]. The father of the 19-year-old says that his son was "returning home... when the two friends asked him to get into the car for a ride." According to police, and the statement of the two men "they planned to rape him." At some point, the 19-year-old "realized they wanted to harm him... and asked them to stop the car, which they refused to do." So he "jumped from the moving car." The young man died after being in a coma for 12 hours. The two alleged killers, Yehya Baqqal and Mutasim Ahmed, "deny having any intentions of harming" the 19-year-old - which rather contradicts the statements they gave to police that they wanted to rape him. That isn't harm? Apparently not.

More on the dumbass who allowed himself to go on television to boast of his "conquests." According to this, he could be beheaded for his acts - and he will have no one to blame but himself.

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