Saturday, July 04, 2009

Opinion on some current events...

At random:

The state of California is issuing IOU's instead of cash or checks because California is broke. Why? Not because the state doesn't get its fair share in tax revenues. It in the top ten [No. 9] of the most heavily taxed states in the nation! On Special Report yesterday [Thursday's show], Juan Williams about went apocalyptic when Mort Kondracke
said that California should get rid of some of the government workers there [I've searched for a link of the show's All Star Panel for Thursday and cannot find one]. Williams said something to the effect of "right now, with unemployment so high, you want to eliminate more workers?" Oh. No. Couldn't possibly get rid of some of the state employees who are on the dole just as bad - if not worse - than California's welfare recipients. That doesn't make any sense. Unemploy a few more workers - starting from the top and working down; like the majority of state government offices the bloat is in the administration's management where there are usually far too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. But, it is okay that unemployment is at what - 11.5% - there, for the private sector. Heaven forbid a state government worker become unemployed! [Here's a thought. Start by eliminating the program you have to let school teachers sit around and do nothing while their cases linger before some ridiculous administrative tribunal.] Not to worry California, I'm sure that the jeja is working on a plan right now to bail you out of your financial woes. Oh goody!

Nepal airport will require workers there to wear pocketless uniforms, who are accused of taking bribes. Without pockets, there will be no place for them to put the bribes [calling BS on this - they'll put the money in their shoes or socks or underwear]. Not such a bad idea, though. Call it a start. Wouldn't it be great if the TSA adopted the same practice - making its workers wear pocketless uniforms. Perhaps that would stop some of the theft of items from suitcases. We have had more than a few instances where things have gone missing from our suitcases - someone took one of DH's belts and his cologne from a suitcase and someone took a bag of make-up [brand new still in the packaging - my mistake for not opening it]. A silk tank-top has even gone missing! Always fairly small items that can easily be pocketed. Try filing a complaint with the TSA about items that have been "removed" from your bags [from the TSA site: "Occasionally, during the screening process, a screener may damage or misplace a passenger's property..."]
. Umm, yeah. Good luck with that. How do we know it was TSA workers? We have those "special locks" on our bags that only the TSA can open!

Remember the Duke non-rape case? The one where a black woman accused three white Duke lacrosse players of doing something that they never did? And, then tried to make it a hate crime on top of the actual crime of rape? Yeah. That one. The one that never happened. There is another Duke rape case and it is not being reported. Why is that? Perhaps because it would be utterly politically incorrect to do so. It did not involve three white men and one black woman. That, as we all know, is politically correct. No. Instead, it involved a g@y white man, an employee of Duke University, who allegedly [ha! allegedly!!!] was soliciting some sort of perversion on the internet offering up his adopted black five-year-old son. Good grief. There truly are some real sicko's out there! Anyone hearing about this? If it weren't for the bloggers out there and a columnist at Townhall, no one would even know about the case. For a non-rape case it was news 24/7 for months, and for the already happened sexual assault(s) of a little FIVE-YEAR-OLD boy at the hands of his adopted g@y father along with the almost sexual assault of this same child being solicted on the internet - crickets chirping!

Drugs have been found at the home of Michael Jackson. Well, there is a big surprise. I am shocked. Just shocked!

Bernie Madoff got off easy with a 150 year jail sentence, if you ask me. How come there is no death penalty for what he did? Now, the U.S. taxpayers are going to have to pay to keep this stealing scum in jail until he dies. There really ought to be a way that we could eliminate this man from the face of the earth [but not until all of his cronies have been thoroughly investigated - including all of them in high-up government positions - and charged as accomplices and thrown in jail!], instead of supporting him in style in prison. I'm sure there are those that would say that being in prison in the U.S. is not a generally comfy and cushy life. I disagree. We make it far to comfy and cushy for criminals. What does it cost - something like $25,000 to $50,000 to house a single prisoner for a year? Put me in charge. I promise I can do it for a whole lot less. First things first - get rid of the ACLU who would be suing for mistreatment of the prisoners if I was in charge. There would be no single cell - bunk beds for everyone. They don't get along as roommates? Survival of the fittest then. Wean 'em out that way. There would be no gyms. There would be no canteens where you could purchase "luxury" items. There'd be three meals a day but they wouldn't be anything more than what would need to be included for basic dietary recommendations. I can assure you that there would be no cable television! I'd do much of what Joe Arpaio does and treat criminals like criminals, not coddle them or treat them like citizens.

Sarah Palin is resigning as Governor of Alaska. Wow. I did not see that coming.


  1. I have said that if i absolutly have to fly i will seal up a broken MP3-player full cat dung to leave in my luggage. But i'd probably get the cell next to Bernie for teasing the government employees.

  2. Hmmm -- a google search shows articles on the Duke University official accused of offering his child to the undercover cop on cnn, msnbc, abcnews,charlottesville news, even huffingtonpost. might want to check your facts before you become fully outraged.... madoff deserves an empty cell with no cable, agreed, and i like the idea of pocketless uniforms. keep cool over there!

  3. At least we've been smart enough to not put any electronics or DVD's in a bag, vermindust. A few years ago for DH's birthday - I put some X-Box thingy I knew he wanted in my carry on to lug around. I knew better than to put it in a suitcase.

  4. And, that was exactly my point, Anonymous. You would have to do a google search for it. Have you heard it reported on the news like the "other" Duke case was? No. You haven't. A mere, slight mention, perhaps, but not continuous coverage.


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