Tuesday, July 07, 2009

28-Year-Old Cannot Make Decisions

What 28-year-old woman is NOT capable of making her own decisions? This one. Apparently. There was a short article yesterday about this but I didn't bother with it. Today, with more details, I'll go ahead and bother with it.

Details are scant as to why the woman was being sent to jail from a protection home, "in line with a court order." She "fled her parents' home after accusing them of abusing her and sought refuge at [a] shelter." Thereafter a court order was issued to take her to jail. From what is reported it would seemingly come down to a "he said, she said" kind of thing. The woman accused her parents of abusing her, and then her father accused her of being disobedient. The court refused to hear the woman's complaint and instead "entertained" only the father's complaint. At some point, before the final verdict was entered, "the court ordered the police to take the woman to jail." Interesting way of doing things; just a little different than the system I am familiar with where a verdict is entered before you get sent off to jail.

Now, the 28-year-old woman is on the run as she escaped, using the pretext of needing to use the ladies' room. A spokesman for the Jeddah police is urging her "to surrender and warned the public against giving her shelter." Makes her sound like a felon of some sort, doesn't it? If she just turns herself in her problems will all be resolved as the Ministry of Social Affairs plans to arrange for her to marry and to reconcile her with her family. Is that what she wants? To marry? And, to reconcile with her family? Geez. One would think that a woman of her age would be able to make those kinds of decisions on her own. Apparently not.


  1. "[The Police] also requested her father to stop sending threatening messages to the authorities."

    Oh yeah, the He Man Woman Haters' club is in action today. But she has an advantage over the police: the black bag. "Be on the lookout for a woman dressed all in black with her face covered," is not going to be very effective. I hope she can cross the border into Iraq, which seems like her best bet.

  2. Vermindust, YOU crack me up!!!" Be on the lookout for a woman dressed all in black with her face covered."

  3. Dayum, Vermindust. I'm telling you - YOU must - MUST - start your own blog!!!

  4. This is the 2nd post in a row that made me laugh out loud, although I admit it was Vermindust's comment that did it for me on this one. Dang. Warned the public against giving her shelter? Methinks I need to go outside & kiss the Texas soil I live upon.

  5. Came across your blog by accident and really admire your articles, keep it up

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