Saturday, July 11, 2009

No. You Did Not Just Do That Young Lady!

[Our Pretty Little Princess is just too cute!
Hard to raise your voice at such a precious little face.]

Little pastrami thief! Oh, yeah. She did too do it.

[The second batch of pastrami cooking.]

Yesterday afternoon when DH got home from golf he decided he wanted a hot pastrami sandwich for lunch. No problem. I'll toast the roll for you - you get the pastrami out. DH did and as he was opening it, I said, "make sure y
ou seal that up tight - that's $12.50 of meat, right there" [for a little 10 ounce package of Sara Lee - it was SR46.50!]. So, DH pulls out a half dozen or so slices and puts them on the flat griddle and he walks away. The Baby was prancing around the kitchen as I toasted the roll [anything under the broiler has to be closely watched or I set the smoke detector off, here], and when the roll was safely and perfectly toasted I set it on a plate and then got the mustard and the mayonnaise out of the refrigerator. The meat still isn't ready to come off the flat griddle and I decided that I had the perfect opportunity to take the trash out to the back gate - which I did.

As I walked back in the kitchen and over to the stove - DH came around the corner from the living room and there it was - we both saw it at the same time - the EMPTY griddle! Not a single slice of pastrami on it. Gone.

DH looked at me - I looked at him - and at the same time I was saying, "did you take the meat off of there?" he was saying, "what did you do with the pastrami?" Neither one of us had touched it. And there she was, The Baby, our Pretty Princess, sitting there licking her lips like we had planned all along on giving her a half package of warmed pastrami.

I had to yell at her. That is just not acceptable. Honestly, I'm surprised she didn't burn her little tongue taking meat slices off of a hot griddle - didn't seem to bother her any if she did burn her tongue though. I said, "Oh, what a naughty Girl. That was very, very bad." I was trying to hold back the giggle I was suppressing, which DH did NOT appreciate at all. DH decided that he would take over the discipline and he very firmly and not quietly said, "Bad Girl. You are a bad, bad Girl! You go to your crate, right now!" And, she did. She is just so sensitive - and she does not take it well - having one of us raise our voice to her. Her little tail went flat down against her little butt and she slowly skulked off to the bedroom where her crate is and reluctantly entered it. She spent the next hour or so there, pouting. [I didn't shut the crate door - she could have come out sooner if she would have wanted to. She chose not to.]

Later DH and I were sitting out on the patio and The Pretty Princess wanted to come out. She had her ball with her. DH opened the door and she pranced out and tried to make it up to us by giving us the ball so that we could play with her and DH said, "Daddy is not going to play ball with a little meat thief! The next time I even see you put your little nose up to the counter I am going to grab a rolled up newspaper and you are going to get a spanking. Do you understand, Young Lady?" Tail went back down, and she went to the door. "Honey, you can't yell at her any more. You already sent her to her crate. She is trying to make it up to you and play with you. She is sorry. And, now, you've hurt her feelings again." DH is a softy, though. "Oh, alright. Bring me the ball. I'll throw it for you." The Pretty Princess is her happy go lucky little self again, but I will not - ever again - leave her unattended for even the briefest minute in the kitchen with meat!

So far the pastrami hasn't seemed to bother her. She has never had it before and it did have a liberal dose of pepper on it. We'll see how it goes through her system... DH said it wasn't too strong - but pepper is certainly something that has not been a part of her diet in the past. I didn't have any - I am a pork-eating vegetarian - so I'll have to take DH's word for it.

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