Saturday, July 25, 2009

Joo-wee the New Pool Guy

This is probably not a good thing. We had a new guy clean the pool today. He called and he said, "Yes, Madam. Is Joo-wee. I have new lock." I said, Excuse me? Who is this? Joo-wee? "No, Madam. Joo-wee." [That's what I said! He corrected me several times. His name is Joey but that is not how he pronounces it.] You have what? What are you talking about. We don't need a new lock? "Yes. Is Joo-wee. I have lock." I'm sorry. You must have a wrong number. It took us more than a few minutes - conversing about two different things - him trying to tell me that he has the key to the back gate so that he can clean the pool - and for me trying to tell him that I do not need a new lock. If he would have just said, "I am coming to clean the pool" we could have avoided getting off on the wrong foot. He probably thinks that I am a crazy American woman that cannot understand English! And, honestly, I do not do well with very broken English and an incredibly strong accent. I'm not blaming him - because yet again, someone else at least can speak "my" language while I cannot speak theirs.

I called Rev after "Joey" called but he wasn't answering his phone, thanks to caller I.D.! [Yeah - big surprise that Rev won't answer his phone when I call, right?] So I still don't know if our previous pool man is done for good or not. I hope it will all work out and that this blows over and passes, but I'm thinking... Does not look good for our other pool guy. Sigh. Heavy sigh.


  1. I was rather in hopes of seeing an update that things regarding the previous pool man HAD blown over. Oh well...

  2. I was really, really hoping to be able to post that things regarding the previous pool man HAD blown over, Bob@thenest. Not so far... If there is an update - it will be here.


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