Friday, July 24, 2009

Arresting Children

Didn't happen here. Happened in Baltimore, Maryland. Three boys, ages seven, eight and eleven, were arrested for stealing from a neighbor's yard. The kids were caught in the act.

If you missed it on the news, watch this [for whatever reason the video won't let me embed it - even though the code is there].

Right off the bat - out of one of the children's mouth - a lie. Steve Doocy asks the eight-year-old, "Did you steal something out of the neighbor's yard?" The kid says "No." And then has to be prompted by his mother "not to lie." The kid is going to be a felon in no time.

Do I think two children should have been hauled off away in hand-cuffs? Probably not. I don't think they should have been kept in a holding cell for several hours, either. But the kids - all three of them - definitely have to learn that actions have consequences. They need to have their little butts hauled before some juvenile court, that is for sure. And there has to be a punishment.

We can count on a lawsuit. Police will have to defend themselves against a senseless suit. The court system will, yet again, be tied up for a frivolous suit, at the expense of taxpayers. You just know these women are seeing dollar signs.


  1. i *love* my city.

    no, seriously. we're the bestest at turning kids into criminals. really.

    ...someone GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

  2. You could be living on the other side of the world in The Sandbox, falnfenix. What's the saying? Something like be careful what you wish for...

  3. And once again parents are teaching the kids that what they did is just fine because they are now attacking the police. The kids were handcuffed to each other. They didn't have their hands behind their own backs and does she REALLY think those plastic ones that are tight and dig into the skin would be better than the metal ones?

    I get so tired of parents not holding their kids accountable. I bet those kids didn't get in trouble at all, they just got sympathy lavished upon them - "Oh, my poor baby! They handcuffed you and threw you in a cell!! How dare they! I am going to sue their ____!!"

    Those kids would do well to spend some time in Juvy and see what that is like. I'm not saying what the police did was right - I don't know what their side of it is, but I do know that those women just taught those kids that what they did was just fine as long as they learn to play the system. Interesting that the third child isn't present.

  4. ispyu - I could NOT agree with you more! Well said. Very well said.

  5. IMHO this little scare can teach the children something (i hope)...too many times we hear parents say my kid is an angel. Here in Italy in the newspaper there were several news about parents beating up teacher because they dared to give a bad mark/note to their precious...Too many parents put their children on a pedestal thinking that they couldn't anuthing wrong

  6. No disagreement from me with you, either, countrygirl. And if you watched the film, you can see that these children - or at least one of them - obviously learned NOTHING! First thing out of his mouth... Denial.

    The parents beating up the teacher? Happens here all the time. No taking responsibility for ones own actions. Like not studying and getting failing grades is the fault of the teacher [although - in the States - it is the fault of the teacher - but that is a whole different thing].


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