Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beauty Morals, Denial and Reprieve

The "Miss Moral Beauty" pageant has a winner. An 18-year-old woman who "trounced 274 rivals to win a crown, jewelry, cash and a trip to Malaysia, all without showing her face." I'd post her picture -- oh wait -- there wasn't one. She was "completely covered by the black head-to-toe abaya." Of course. Good for her. Beating out all those other women to be named "The Queen of Beautiful Morals." Interesting that the competition, in its second year, was held in Qatif at its "annual Mass Wedding Festival." Last year's winner got a marriage contract on the day she won the contest. So, for her, it was a twofer. The article says that, "Beauty contests focused on physical beauty are non-existent in the Kingdom." Oh really? How about the goat contest? Or the camel contest? Exactly how are those judged if not on appearance?

A couple of weeks ago there was the sad story about a woman who drowned when she slipped and fell in the sea near a sewage discharge pipe. Today we learn that the sewage discharge pipe does not carry sewage. It carries ground water out to sea. Because there is such an abundance of it. In one of the "driest countries in the world." Glad that got cleared up for us.

This woman got a reprieve. She was not beheaded yesterday, for killing a "young man" nine years ago.

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