Monday, July 06, 2009

Air Conditioning or Jet Engine

The air conditioning went out today. Second time this week. The unit keeps freezing up. DH took the hose to the unit thingys [whatever they are called] the day before yesterday and had it working in no time. Phew. It is too hot here to NOT have air conditioning. Then the ac went out again, just a couple of hours ago. Maintenance is very, very good about getting someone here to fix things like air conditioning or hot water heaters - even if it is after hours - which, for right now, it isn't. And, let me tell you, this little cement block house heats up very, very quickly with no air conditioning. This morning the house was 72° and this afternoon it was 82°. That ten degrees makes a big difference.

Here's the thing. Last year they came and worked on our air conditioning unit and did something to it so that it does not sound like a jet engine in our bedroom or in the study - where the computer is. However, the young technician that came today [and I think he was a Saudi - and if he was - good for him for deciding that a trade is just as honorable of an occupation as being the CEO of a company is!] doesn't quite seem to understand that it was working before and NOT making the jet engine sound that it is making now. Someone else is coming back in an hour or so to see if they can fix the problem. Can't you find it somewhere on the computer system what it is that you did last year to fix the jet engine noise? Honestly, there is NO way either DH or I are going to be able to sleep with the sound it is currently making. This could take a while to resolve. Man-oh-man, I hope not!

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