Thursday, July 02, 2009

Eating Things That Aren't Supposed To Be...


Blogger ate most of a lengthy post I did this morning. When I went to "preview" it - after I'd left the computer sitting for a while [like an hour or so] - it WAS gone! NOOO!! I just didn't have it in me to reconstruct it - parts of it are there. I'll do it tomorrow. The outdoors was calling me - and my book - so I spent several hours "working" today. DH had to work today, too. He got home around two o'clock. He wanted just a quick bite to eat - since he'd not had anything since breakfast. No problem. I'll make you a roast beef sandwich, or a veggie burger, or a... As we were discussing what he wanted, he saw the little lizard that is in the kitchen race across the counter, slide down the slippery sink and straight into the garbage disposal!! Thank goodness he saw him - or otherwise - I hate to think.

DH took the plastic edge thingy off the garbage disposal opening and tried to rescue the little lizard. We could both see the little guy [gal?] but DH couldn't catch him. I refuse to stick my hand in the garbage disposal. Ever. Now what do we do? We left the opening clean for the little lizard to make his way out. An hour later he was still there. I stuck a wooden spoon in the garbage disposal hole so the little lizard would have a "plank" to scoot up and out. That didn't work. An hour later - he was still there. How are we going to get him out of there? Call maintenance? Something. I am not grinding a little lizard to a horrible death in the garbage disposal. No way.

I'm whipping through drawers in the kitchen trying to find something suitable for the lizard to use to climb out. Ah ha! A nail file. It worked. Half an hour later, the little lizard was sitting in the sink. I used the drain cover to quickly cover the opening to the garbage disposal so he wouldn't go back in and DH grabbed the little lizard and took him outside and set him in one of my plants [a bushy palm tree looking one]. Phew. Little lizard was saved.

My blog post from this morning? Not saved. Truly though, I would much, much, much rather lose a blog post than the little lizard. We'll see how long he remains outside before he decides he likes the coolness of our air-conditioned house, better, and comes back inside. Aren't the little gecko's supposed to like the sun? The heat? What is wrong with the lizards around here that they want inside so badly? Look at the horrible things that can happen! You could end up in a garbage disposal for goodness sake. I am just so glad DH saw him fall down in there or otherwise... Not going to think about the "or otherwise."


  1. geckos like both heat and cool temps...if it's midday, they tend to escape to cooler temps so they don't overheat.

    in fact, it's highly recommended for gecko owners to keep two different temperature zones in their enclosures so they are able to self-regulate. i find my scaly kids tend to sit right smack dab in the middle between the two zones - usually their heads are in the cooler zone, and their butts are in the warmer zone. it's silly.

  2. Well, if not for the fact that so many dangers lurk in our house falnfenix [i.e., The Boy, the garbage disposal] I would have let the little thing remain. Truly I don't mind. He/she is not the first lizard that has chosen to live inside because it is too hot outside, but... Oops. Who knew they needed to separate temperature zones?! I did put him in a nice bushy plant [in a pot] though. So, perhaps that will be acceptable.

  3. oh i'm sure he'll be fine. :) it's good of you to care...most people just kill "pests" like that, and it breaks my heart.

  4. Why not compose your posts in a local software like Word, then copy/paste into Blogger? You can always erase the files if they start hogging too much hard drive space.

  5. Tim, believe it or not, that is how I did them when I first started - I knew so little about Blogger, then [and still don't know a whole lot more!]. What possessed me to get up - leave the computer - and not copy, cut and paste to Word - beyond me. When I walked away - it was to let The Kids out before the gardener came - and then one thing led to another... Did not think I'd be away as long as I was. Live and learn, Tim, live and learn. I'll get it back up for tomorrow. It was a piece on maids. Part of it is still there. Almost half. The other half? Where do things go when they leave your computer, anyway?

  6. Perhaps you can ask the censors for a their copy of the missing entries. They must be on record somewhere. (They are still waiting for Special Field Agent Gecko to report back with the report on your kitchen plumbing.)

  7. [Where do things go when they leave your computer, anyway?]
    Why, into the Wild Blue Yonder just like your DH!

    Happy Fourth of July! The neighbors are starting to get warmed up.


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